Purple Persuassion

I think I’m stuck in a pattern rut. I can’t seem to pick a new pattern to make. I’ve made Thurlows again! I feel the need to apologize or shout that “Yes, I know I suck”. But damn it, when you find something you like and you’re not half bad at making it, well you know.

The only exciting thing about these Thurlows is that they’re shorts. *gasp* I know right!?! Same boring Thurlows for a 3rd time now. They’re even made from the same fabric as my first pair. I had just enough to squeeze these out. Hopefully these last longer. I’m still pissed about the whole pocket debacle.

I don’t really have too much more to say that I haven’t said before. I took 1″ from the front and back. Lopped it right off the top and slid the pocket markings down. I used my usual crotch curve markings (Still weird to share that. You don’t normally talk crotch with people.)

I used some leftover cotton you might recognize from my first Colette Sorbetto. I wished I would have used a heavier interfacing in the waistband. This fabric doesn’t have a lot of structure so the waist band kinda collapses when worn. My shirt lays over it so you don’t notice it but I know it’s there!

Hmm…lots of cat hair in that pic. Something I didn’t mention on my denim Thurlows is that I work the belt loops into the waistband. I don’t like adding them last and they just look like crap. This was my easy fix.

Again no back back pockets. I thought of making some sort of pocket flap for faux pockets but I really wanted to wear them so I said screw it.

I would love to say that the next post isn’t going to be more pants (shorts in this case) but I plan on cutting fabric for Jamie Jeans from Named today. I might get mad at them when I’m sewing so maybe I’ll throw a shirt in there. I’ve been trying really hard to work from fabrics I’ve had in my stash. Hence, leftover purple and frames fabric. I’m sure there’s a few shirt’s worth of fabric lurking in there somewhere.


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