Nerdy Sorbetto From Colette

I don’t think in my time sewing and blogging if I’ve ever completed a project and posted it in the same day.  Well today will be the first!  I picked up my nerdy cotton fabric from SAS Fabrics.  It was my first visit to the store.  Messy, overwhelming and not really organized but I did score some cute fabric so I guess you can forgive the bad.  

I was going to make a different top with this fabric but since moving to Arizona I realized I need a lot more warm weather items.  Plus with the Sorbetto you can layer a sweater on top for those cooler times.  The pattern is super simple.  It consists of only two pattern pieces!  I checked on the web and Pinterest to see the different versions of this pattern.  I think this is one of those patterns that you can make a million revisions to it and come out with something different everytime.  

 Sorbetto Side

I did not follow the pattern spot on.  I gave it more length and a curved hem in the front and back.  I used another pattern (my favorite shirt pattern B5526) to make the curves just right.  I added 2 1/2″ tothe overall length.  I cut the size 10.  I was worried about the pattern being too tight around the hips.  I think next time I make it (which I totally will!) I will grade from an 8 down to the 10.  I did read other people had issues with the bust darts being too high but I didn’t have any problem.

 Sorbetto Back

The most time consuming part of the shirt was putting on the binding.  I used pre-made black binding (I had it in my stash) for the neck and hem.  I didn’t have enough for the arms so I made binding with the leftover fabric I had and turned it all inside.  I think it turned out pretty awesome.  

 Sorbetto Front

The binding is a little stiff.  I know after a wash or two it will be fine.  By the way, I falled to mention, this is a free pattern!  You can find it online as  a pdf, yes you have to cut and tape, but you can make one for yourself too!  


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