Me Made May ’16 Week 4

Last week of Me Made Made and I’m excited to have made it all the way through. Towards the end it gets a little trying. Too many photos, trying not to repeat, and remembering everything I made in the past to dig out and wear. Unfortunately, since this shindig is during warm weather I don’t get to pull out my cold weather me-mades. Maybe I’ll do a couple weeks of Me Made Mania late in the year. I’ll knock it down to only a couple posts though not to annoy everyone. By the way, don’t hold me to that. I might not remember the idea later in the year.

I went ahead and included the few days in the month that are stragglers in this post. I’ll do a whole recap of the month later. I have to say, and I’m sure some of you will agree, participating in Me Made May helps you take stock of what you’re lacking in your wardrobe. We’ll leave that reflection for the recap.

Day 22:

Palazzo pants. Made from rayon and super comfy. I’ve had people tell me they look like pajama pants. I just think they look awesome. Yes, that’s a screw you haters. Me and my pants are in love and happy together.

Day 23:

Floral chiffon shirt. I made this quite a while ago and wore it so much because I was so proud. I feel bad it doesn’t get a lot of wear now because I’ve made things I love more. Shh… Don’t tell it. It might immediately fall apart in my closet. It’ll show me.

Day 24:

Cream tank top from entirely too thin jersey. I have to wear another tank top underneath. I have two of these and I never wear them. I plan on using the fabric for a skirt lining. This will the last time one of them sees the sun. Muhahaha

Day 25:

Floral Sorbetto top. I figured since I was still iffy about this shirt to give it a test run. After that I would be able to decide whether this shirt should be an every day kind of guy. It’s light and it feels nice but well the hell does it match with!?! I tried every pink sweater in my closet and nothing. I don’t wear a lot of white (sweaty betty) so no white cardigans. I think it might banish its own self to pj-hood.

Day 26:

Refashioned dress to skirt, blackout Sorbetto, and disco Fitbit bracelet. Normally I don’t count refashions as my me-mades but it’s getting to the end of the month and I’m desperate. Plus this skirt is uber comfy.

Day 27:

Self-drafted tank not blogged and chain chomp glass. Welcoming the 3 day weekend I decided on some comfy wear and an adult beverage in my favorite glass. I used to wear this shirt out and about but it has pilled so badly.

Day 28:

Plaid B5526. Love this pattern. Still my favorite button down pattern. It’s made from cotton so it breaths well on a hot day.

Day 29:

Lace sleeve t-shirt and purple Thurlow shorts. Already wore the shorts earlier in the month but added the shirt for something different. That’s Freckles creepin’ by.

Day 30:

Hawaiian shirt. This shirt is so soft and light. The bright color makes me happy. I think it helped me finish out the next outfit.

Day 31:

Maxi dress. Finishing out the month with maximum effort! I just finished this on the 30th. It was a beast to deal with. I’ll try to blog about it before the week’s end. I received a ton of compliments throughout the day so I know I did something right.

So that’s it! I’ll recap in a week or so but my second official Me Made May is in the books. Congrats to everyone that made it through. I look forward to seeing everyone and their makes next year!



    1. Thank you! It’s from rayon so it’s light and swishy. Hubby can’t walk too close to me because it will get caught in his legs. I guess it’s my “outta my way!” dress.

      1. I need more rayon in my life! I used rayon (not counting bemberg rayon lining) for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I am in LOVE. It’s great that a dress has that kind of power… OUTTA MY WAY!! AWESOMENESS COMING THROUGH!

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