Month: June 2015

Grey Jacket Cuteness

I love free patterns. Free patterns are every sewist dream. This free pattern comes from Camelot Fabrics. It looks like they do this on a weekly basis so I would be sure to check them out frequently. The pattern I went for is the Cropped Jacket tutorial.

Jacket Turned Out

Jacket Closed

I didn’t think the cropped look would work on me so I lengthened it by about 4″. I used grey suiting that I bought from and black lining from JoAnn Fabrics.


The pattern was easy to cut out. I’m not sure I understood why the sleeve was in two pieces and not one. Next time I’m going to cut it as one to avoid the seam.

Edge Stitch

The pattern didn’t mention that you should edge stitch the lining to keep the lining from rolling to the outside when it hangs. I did it on my Doctor Who waistcoat and it seemed like a good idea on this.

Finished Jacket

I’m happy with how the jacket looks especially with the extra length. This is a really easy beginner sewing project. I’m sure I’ll make another. I was thinking hot pink with paisley lining. Fun, bright and much more me!


I might make the back piece a bit bigger next time to make the jacket hang looser. This really was a great pattern and did I mention it was free!?!

Kitten Kube

After the last time I made my furry babies a kitten pyramid, that they never use, I swore I wouldn’t put time into making them anything. They are very unappreciative of all their mom’s hard work. Well never say never. The babes had a cube they were extremely fond of. It was made of almost paper-like fabric but it was their fav. My two little ones adored it the most. Unfortunately kitten claws did the poor thing in. I can’t have upset babes wandering my home. So I took the whole thing apart for the metal skeleton after deciding I can remake it.

Old Cube

Old Cube2

Here’s what it looks like after their destruction. It breaths fun and excitement right?


I gathered my tools. Old shower curtain that they loved to climb, so it has tons of snags and the four pieces of skeleton.

My original plan was super complicated. I would cut a whole bunch of squares, a few with big entry holes and then sew it all together. I had a better idea come to me while I was at work doing monotonous work-like activities. I would use the same construct of cutting a piece of paper to make a cube. Pretty much it looks like cross. This gives me fewer sides to sew! I’m a genius and lazy.

I cut out my pattern and added two holes. The original had more but yet again, lazy. I sewed the sides together. I even trimmed out the holes with leftover scraps. I inserted the skeleton pieces. I sewed near it and the seam to attach the two together.

Finished Cube

Finished Cube2

New and improved kitten kube.

Felix Cube

Look there’s even a babe inside. His name’s Felix by the way. Or Chubby Bubby if I’m rubbing his fat little belly. Not only is there a happy babe but a happy mom. Nothing more exciting than a finicky kitten actually loving something you made them. 😻

Jeans to Skirt

Typically I only sew for myself. I’m such a selfish sewer, not because I don’t like to sew for others. I’m always worried that what I make will fall apart within a few wears.

A girl at work offered to give me an old pair of jeans to pillage for fabric. Before she even gave them to me she mentioned they were her favorite pair of jeans. She wore a hole in the thigh like so many of us do to our beloved pair. After hearing her overwhelming love for the jeans I knew I couldn’t destroy them for my own needs. I decided I would make her a skirt.

I spent a few nights carefully picking out the old threads. I cut the legs off a bit below the knees. That left me enough fabric to fill in the open “V” shapes.


Front of the skirt with the new inset. Below the the inside of the front.

Front Inside

In one sitting, I sewed up the open spaces and hemmed the bottom. I used the special denim thread and needle to sew the fabric. I very carefully stitched two lines to replicate the original look of the jeans.


A look at the back of the skirt and below the inside.

Back Inside

What did I do about the thigh hole? I made sure to fold the back pieces in far enough so that the hole will end up in the trash pile.

The skirt turned out pretty awesome. I gave the “pants” back to their owner and received a crocheted cuff in return! Score! Maybe it does pay to make things for others…

Me-Made-May Recap

My thought on my first Me-Made-May…

I, Jamie of Mac’s Crafts, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavor to wear one Jamie-made garment each day for the duration of May 2015.

MMM Recap
MMM Recap
1) I wore something Jamie-Made every day so I did adhere to my pledge! Woo Hoo!!!
25 different pieces. Of course some were repeated to make all 31 days.
5 new items were made during the month.

2) I don’t have as many Jamie-Made clothes as I thought. Some skirts were winter wear items so they weren’t worn. It bummed me out towards the end of the month when I was scrounging.

3) I really need casual clothes. I think I keep making a million things for work which I do sometimes wear on off days, but more relaxed items need to on the docket.

4) Picking Jamie-Made clothes to wear everyday wasn’t too bad. I do miss some of my RTW clothes though.

5) I didn’t enjoy taking a picture of myself everyday. I made sure to do it first thing every morning so I wouldn’t forget. Instead of my morning cranky look, I had to look kind of chipper.

6) Lastly, next year my goal is no repeats. I think that sounds doable. I have a whole year to stock up!

I hope everyone that participated or enjoyed watching the participates, had a great Me-Made-May 2015.

Simone in Skulls

I saw the Simone pattern by Victory so many times and have been completely envious of its beauty. I’ve been hoarding it until I found the absolutely most perfect fabric. During my November trip to NYC, I picked up some skull fabric at one of the spandex shops. To accompany the skulls, I picked up black poly from the Redline fabrics at JoAnn’s.

Skull Fabric

Cutting out the fabric was a painstaking task. I was worried about putting holes in my small amount of skull fabric so I traced the pattern with chalk. I eagerly started sewing the shirt. I got stalled out for months. Trying to turn the small poly tab on the front of the shirt was infuriating. I put holes in the fabric, tore it to pieces and eventually gave up. My beautiful skull shirt was not meant to be.


The need for more clothing during Me-Made-May spurred me on to retry my shirt. I ended up putting interfacing on both sides of the tab instead of just one. It did the trick. With the tab issue fixed, I forged on.


Everything else breezed by. The shirt needed to be lined or I was going to have to wear a second shirt underneath or I could have an “everyone look at my bra” day. I used black lining and attached it by the collar and arm holes.

Full Shirt

I have such a habit of saying I love each Jamie-made item. But I really love this shirt. I think I could wear it everyday. Next time I make this I’ll do the dress and in cotton for something easier to work with.