My name is Jamie and I’m a crafter…

I feel like saying I’m a crafter doesn’t really encompass all that do. There’s sewing, crocheting, knitting, woodworking, and any random thing I’ve decided that I want to make. So maybe a better name is Creator of All the Things!

Everything I do is self taught. I am by no means an expert in anything that I do. Having said that, don’t think I just half ass and throw stuff together. Everything is meticulously thought out and I learn with every make. I do consider myself a jack-of-all trades type of girl. If it involves making something, I’m so there!

As for my normal, everyday job, I work 9-5 in an office. So all the creative stuff happens in my off time. Ya know, when I’m not napping or playing with my four furry kids who love to make cameos on my blog.

I started this blog as a way to keep track of what I make. Plus I get to share my mishaps and my successes. You might find some Jamie-Made tutorials and links to tutorials I found helpful here too. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy making it and all the things within!

If anyone is curious about the lovely ladies in my life (my machines or my mechanical friends, because we do have conversations and spend a ton of time together),  I have two Baby Locks. My sewing machine is Katherine and she’s new in my life. She’s quiet but strong. The serger is an Imagine. It has jet air threading and if you never tested one or you’re thinking of getting a serger, you must check out how a little puff of air can make you instantly giggle with happiness.



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