Me Made May ’16 Week 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m participating in Me Made May. I participated last year too which you can check out last year’s recap here. It’s never too late to join in which you can do over at So, Zo. Onward with the first week!

Day 1:

Tie-dye patchwork skirt. I made this out of multiple tie-dye shirts. You can also see Freckles little feet in this pic. You’ll see all my fuzzy kids throughout the month.

Day 2:

Granny chic floral top. This is a vintage reprint pattern. It’s comfortable and light to wear on hot days. Pretty sure that’s Felix, one of my ginger twins.

Day 3:

Nerdy Sorbetto top. This was my first Sorbetto (I have 3). The neck is a little wide and I’ve adjusted that for future Sorbettos. Kat, Felix, Freckles (L to R)

Day 4:

Han Solo Jamie Jeans. Unfortunately made out of crap fabric. You can kinda see the Rebel logo on the back pockets. I think these pants go in the holiday category with my pumpkin and holiday skirt.

Day 5:

Blackout Sorbetto and purple Thurlows. This is my most worn Sorbetto. It’s made out of workwear fabric. It doesn’t wrinkle and wicks away sweat. The Thurlows are made out of leftover purple suiting from Mood in NYC. I think I could have went a little smaller but they’re comfy and still look nice. That would be Frankie admiring my me-made awesomeness.

Day 6:

Pink maxi. This is one of my first Jamie-made item and it’s also unblogged. This picture shows what happens when I wear maxi skirts. Someone always holes up underneath it. This time it was Frankie and Felix is on his way to join in.

Day 7:

Denim maxi. This one is one of my favorites and unblogged. It took forever to make because my machine did not like the heavy denim. There was a lot of cussing but I made it through. My face shows I’m already getting fed up with a pic a day. I forget how annoying that piece is.

That’s it for the first week! Looking forward to upcoming weeks. Anyone else have a bit of anxiety every morning? I keep forgetting I have so much me-made stuff to choose from and I worry that it will be the day that I have to wear a repeat.



  1. I wear repeats constantly. I wonder why it seems MMM also means new outfit every day? You’re not the only one who has voiced those thoughts (Ack! How to avoid repeats!?), and I really do wonder – why avoid them? Do you normally work hard to avoid repeats or only during MMM? Is there something I haven’t understood?

    1. I think it’s just during MMM. I take it as trying to showcase all your me-mades during the month. That’s why I figure you try for no repeats. It kinda makes me feel guilty about all my clothes! I need to get rid of some of my RTW.

  2. Absolutely agree about the daily photos. BUT: that photo with your two cats is hilarious, so maybe the daily photos are worth it since they increase the probablility of catching cat shenanigans on camera?

    Your Sorbettos are making me consider giving that pattern another try. I don’t wear sleeveless tops much but summer will come eventually… right?

    1. They are little rascals! It doesn’t help Hubby is gone when I take the photos so they follow me around. It causes high shenanigan probability.
      I would definitely try the Sorbetto. It’s a free pattern and you can make all kinds of adjustments to it so none of them look alike.

    1. Some days I feel like their personal circus tent. Sometimes there’s sleeping other times they try to wrestle under there. It’s an experience!

    1. Thank you! That Tardis was a ridiculous labor of love! I spent entirely too much time making it. I still haven’t added the light to the top because I haven’t found the best way to make it yet. I’m crazy! lol
      I’m glad you like the pants. It’s bad when you make a purchase because you have the same name as the pattern. I really do like the style of them. The pockets and the front seam make them unique.

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