Month: October 2014

Wibbly Wobbly Halloween Costume Part 3

Finally the last of post of my first series! I’m so excited to complete it. Not only did I finish my costume successfully but I also completed a Pinterest project. More to come on that tomorrow…


The bow-tie piece of the costume was by far the easiest. It took 20 minutes to make. You can find tons of patterns for free online. I do suggest making a trial one before creating the one. I made one out of extra fabric I had in my stash. I couldn’t get the thing to turn right side out. The collar piece was too small. I corrected this by making it a smidge wider. I also didn’t use interfacing on the bow-tie. I used a lightweight denim so the fabric already had nice structure to it.

Bow-tie ful?w=620

The toughest part of a bow-tie is tying it! I found the best tutorial on YouTube. Created by Offshoreorganbuilder, this video gives a precise, easy to understand tutorial. Dude, you are the best! I got this bad boy tied in one try.

Questionable Sonic?w=620

For the non-Jamie made items, I turned up a pair of dress pants I had at the bottom. Very much like the pants Matt Smith wore for his tenure as the Doctor. I didn’t have lace up boots so I stuck with my “almost everyday” boots.

This is me feeling unsure about my awesomeness with my mini sonic.

Aggressive sonic?w=620

I then realized ” Yes, yes I do look awesome with my sonic!” Imagine the epic cabinets I could assemble!


I leave you with the best selfie I took of the day. Btw… That is a Tardis in the corner of the full length shots. That’s a whole other post though!

Happy Halloween! Geronimo!!!


Wibbly Wobbly Halloween Costume Part 2

First and foremost I want to apologize. I meant to have this posted over the weekend and I got sick. I’m still not feeling great and it’s so evident in the pics below. For my first series, it’s not coming off as planned.

For the second piece of my costume, I made the waistcoat. I used Butterick 5359 version C. I had a few adjusts to this piece. I added more buttons then the pattern called for. It called for 4, I did 5. I wanted to add welt pockets to the front like the Doctor’s waistcoat but because of the princess seams I can’t fit them in. Unless I wanted to put one dead center of the seam and that’s just tacky.


Just noticed that the middle button isn’t fastened! Oops! This pattern made me mad. The back piece of the pattern fit fine. When I got to the front fitting, I would have had to have giant watermelon boobs for this to fit properly. I don’t know who they sized this pattern on, but geez!


It really didn’t come out too bad. It took me a while to select the fabric for this. I went to JoAnn’s which is really one of the only choices around where I live. Needless to say I couldn’t find anything I wanted unless I wanted to try to dye something. I bought this violet grey suiting at Fashion Fabrics Club. I had a hard time seeing the violet in it. Even when it arrived I couldn’t see it.


For the lining, I selected eggplant apparel lining that I did find at JoAnn’s. Not until I put the outer and inner fabric side by side did I see the touch of violet come out in the suiting. I found the buttons at JoAnn’s too. They don’t match the one in the pic from last week but they resemble the second waistcoat that Matt wears.


I can’t get over how squished my face gets when I laugh. Ack!

After dealing with the fit issue, the vest came together pretty well. There’s a weird line I would adjust on the front edge near the arm area if I make another waistcoat. I also would make sure I buy enough purple thread so I don’t run out before I make the buttonholes. 😦


I would have made the waistcoat a bit longer too. I didn’t realize it wouldn’t touch the top of my pants. I’m not too fond of the break in between waistcoat and pants.

Later this week, I’ll reveal the whole outfit. That’s if I can figure out how to tie the blasted bow-tie!

Wibbly Wobbly Halloween Costume Part 1

This is going to be a three part series. It’s my first series! Oh my gosh! Not really sure why it excites me but it does. Normally I don’t dress up for Halloween. Having nowhere to go in costume is typically the primary reason. Last year, I would say on a whim but it was more “I want to dress up because I’m not a fuddy duddy!”, I picked up some fairy wings and antenna at the dollar store. It was a simple, ninth hour kind of costume. This year I decided I would put more effort into it and make something more worthy of my talents.

I did have some rules I wanted to adhere to.
– It couldn’t be inappropriate for work. No boobs, butt, or skin tight outfits.
– It has to be something that I can make. Some of the items can come from my closet but the majority have to be sewn.
– Lastly, the items should be able to be worn again. I don’t want to put a lot of time into something and never use it again.

So what did I decide to make? A button-down shirt, waistcoat and most importantly a bow-tie, because bow-ties are cool. What does all this equate to? The Doctor! I picked the eleventh Doctor aka Matt Smith. I picked his later outfit with the purple bow-tie. I already have black pants and boots so I need the upper half. Now my boots are heeled and have some buckles going on. It’s not going to be 100% on but I’m cheap (poor). Here’s the inspiration.


First on the menu is the periwinkle button-down. I went to my old friend Butterick 5526. This will be the third time I’ve made this shirt. It’s easy, fits me well and feminine. I can make this bad boy right out of the bag or I guess I should say envelope.


I used a quilting fabric for this. 😕 Jo-ann’s doesn’t believe in carrying shirting. The fabric is cotton/poly.


I do love all the seams on this shirt. I think it’s so flattering and clean.


That’s so my smug face. I love when things come together as they should.


Here’s the front princess seams. The waistcoat will have the same seams so everything will look fitted and tailored.


Here’s the inside. I used my serger on all the seams then my sewing machine for top stitching. I like the cleanliness but also the clothes hold up better in the wash. I hate being super careful with the Jamie-made stuff compared to the ready to wear.


Okay, on this pic you can see the top stitching but also how puckered the fabric is. Argh! I ironed this before taking the pic but oh well. You can see how well the buttons matched the fabric. I do love that. I also scorched the fabric a bit because I put the iron up to high. Whoops! Onward to the waistcoat!

Chain Chomp Glass

A few weeks ago (or more like a month), I painted the piranha plant glasses. I had fun making those glasses and I wanted to paint another glass but something a little different.

I figured I could make a chain chomp. Can’t be that hard right? I started with the head, teeth and eyes. I used the same technique that I used for the piranha plant. I drew the face on the glass and painted it in. The teeth were a little complicated because of the sharp lines. I used a pin to clean up any wonky lines.


This is the main part all done. Simple but time consuming. Love the scary teeth!

Onward to the sucky part… The chain. If the stem of the glass was shaped like a chain (I’ve seen them before but this beauty was a quarter at a garage sale), it would have been a lot easier and quicker. I started the same way with the outline drawn in marker. I painted a grey base for the chains. I mixed a lighter shade of grey for the center of the chains to give them a 3D effect. I took a toothpick and very carefully outlined all the chains with black.


Up close and personal with his lower extremities. No one is ever going to look at him that closely so it didn’t need to be that perfect. I don’t think it turned out too bad.


I baked the bad little guy and here he is in all his glory.


This is my favorite shot. Durrrrr.