Granny Chic

I swore my next me-made was going to be some Jamie Jeans but I got distracted. I decided I would spend an afternoon cutting fabric. Usually that’s the most sucky, dreaded piece of sewing for me. I cut out all my pieces for my Jamie Jeans then I still had some cutting mojo so I grabbed one of my vintage reprint patterns, Simplicity 1692 to be exact, and cut a little more.

There’s very few pieces to this pattern. I had some left over floral chiffon (still stash bustin’) and figured I had just enough for this shirt. I picked to sew up version C. It’s has the tighter neckline with little sleeves. I fit a size 8 but since I have some hips I checked the width at the bottom of the shirt. I need the size 14 to actually fit there. Wholly crap!  I decided to cut a size 8 from the armpits up and graded the sides out to a 14 heading towards the bottom. I also didn’t add the tucks at the bottom of the shirt for even extra room.

I didn’t start sewing it up until a few days later and I wondered how the top of the shirt opened up because there’s no way my head is fitting through that small hole. I realized there were buttons on the shoulders that come undone to pull the shirt on and off. I didn’t like that idea. I looked at the other pieces from the other views. The alternative was to split the back at the top a smidge and have a loop and button closure. Much better! 1 button is better than 6.

DressHere’s a closer look at that button a loop. Pretty proud of that little guy. Even had a button from the button jar that matched.
Cranked most of this floral lady out quite quickly. I tried it on before finishing the hem, sleeve edges and neckline. Uhh…this shirt is designed to be way short. I did not realize that. If it just hits the top of my waistband, that’s unacceptable. I thought about it over night and decided I would fold a piece of fabric in half and attach it to the bottom for insta-length. I also considered lace but then I would have to run to the store.

In the end, I think it worked out quite well. Immediately after putting on the finished product I thought “grandma”. It’s not something I would normally wear but I rather like it.

Oh also, totally can wear it backwards! Ha!  Next time sewing thoughts are to add additional length to the bottom. I’m thinking 2 – 2 1/2″. The neckline is a little tight. Not where I’m choking but taking it down another 1/2″ would be much more comfortable. I may rock a grandma shirt but don’t expect blue hair anytime soon!


  1. That’s a really cute top! It doesn’t strike me as particularly grandmother’s 😉 The floral just makes me think of the long awaited spring.

    I have yet to figure out the right sizing for my top half in patterns from the Big Four. Like you, I wear a 14 for the bottoms in Simplicity. I hadn’t thought to size down as far as 8 on top, but I think I might give that a try.

    Looking forward to your new jeans, too 🙂

    1. Thank you! I spent a little time today sewing them. Still a long way to go. I actually wear a 10 on the bottom that’s why I thought the sizing was so strange on this top. I’m glad I checked it before sewing. There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to make something then it doesn’t fit.

  2. LOVE THIS. Coolest grandma ever! (And I totally don’t think this is a granny shirt… this is one of those rare vintage patterns that works in modern times!).

    1. Thank you! It’s funny because I bounced out of the sewing room and showed Hubby and triumphantly announced “grandma shirt!” I wore it to work the next day and heard something to the effect of “my grandma wears lots of florals”. lol So I couldn’t help but title it as such.

  3. I have to comment on your top, I think you totally saved it! I tried this pattern a couple months ago and it was a disaster. I tossed the pattern but still have the shirt….cringing whenever I see it next to nicer makes…hahaha. I love the style you put into it.
    Great pants too, they seem to fit well (hard to do for bottoms).

    1. Thank you! I have a hard time giving up on any of my makes. I’ll put them off to the side until I can figure a next step to save them.
      The pants are cheapy ones I bought for $10. They have way to much stretch in them so I’m constantly pulling them up. But I think that stretch makes them look like they fit.

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