Month: May 2016

Me Made May ’16 Week 4

Last week of Me Made Made and I’m excited to have made it all the way through. Towards the end it gets a little trying. Too many photos, trying not to repeat, and remembering everything I made in the past to dig out and wear. Unfortunately, since this shindig is during warm weather I don’t get to pull out my cold weather me-mades. Maybe I’ll do a couple weeks of Me Made Mania late in the year. I’ll knock it down to only a couple posts though not to annoy everyone. By the way, don’t hold me to that. I might not remember the idea later in the year.

I went ahead and included the few days in the month that are stragglers in this post. I’ll do a whole recap of the month later. I have to say, and I’m sure some of you will agree, participating in Me Made May helps you take stock of what you’re lacking in your wardrobe. We’ll leave that reflection for the recap.

Day 22:

Palazzo pants. Made from rayon and super comfy. I’ve had people tell me they look like pajama pants. I just think they look awesome. Yes, that’s a screw you haters. Me and my pants are in love and happy together.

Day 23:

Floral chiffon shirt. I made this quite a while ago and wore it so much because I was so proud. I feel bad it doesn’t get a lot of wear now because I’ve made things I love more. Shh… Don’t tell it. It might immediately fall apart in my closet. It’ll show me.

Day 24:

Cream tank top from entirely too thin jersey. I have to wear another tank top underneath. I have two of these and I never wear them. I plan on using the fabric for a skirt lining. This will the last time one of them sees the sun. Muhahaha

Day 25:

Floral Sorbetto top. I figured since I was still iffy about this shirt to give it a test run. After that I would be able to decide whether this shirt should be an every day kind of guy. It’s light and it feels nice but well the hell does it match with!?! I tried every pink sweater in my closet and nothing. I don’t wear a lot of white (sweaty betty) so no white cardigans. I think it might banish its own self to pj-hood.

Day 26:

Refashioned dress to skirt, blackout Sorbetto, and disco Fitbit bracelet. Normally I don’t count refashions as my me-mades but it’s getting to the end of the month and I’m desperate. Plus this skirt is uber comfy.

Day 27:

Self-drafted tank not blogged and chain chomp glass. Welcoming the 3 day weekend I decided on some comfy wear and an adult beverage in my favorite glass. I used to wear this shirt out and about but it has pilled so badly.

Day 28:

Plaid B5526. Love this pattern. Still my favorite button down pattern. It’s made from cotton so it breaths well on a hot day.

Day 29:

Lace sleeve t-shirt and purple Thurlow shorts. Already wore the shorts earlier in the month but added the shirt for something different. That’s Freckles creepin’ by.

Day 30:

Hawaiian shirt. This shirt is so soft and light. The bright color makes me happy. I think it helped me finish out the next outfit.

Day 31:

Maxi dress. Finishing out the month with maximum effort! I just finished this on the 30th. It was a beast to deal with. I’ll try to blog about it before the week’s end. I received a ton of compliments throughout the day so I know I did something right.

So that’s it! I’ll recap in a week or so but my second official Me Made May is in the books. Congrats to everyone that made it through. I look forward to seeing everyone and their makes next year!

Me Made May ’16 Week 3

I love Me Made May because it’s fun to see everyone’s me-made’s but I sure am glad that the month is winding down. I’ve been trying to keep busy and post not only my weekly roundup but also a new me-made once a week. I’m currently working on a maxi dress that I believe is getting the better of me. I’m going to have to cut the front of the bodice again because it’s just not looking it’s best and I happen to have leftover fabric. This dress also calls for horsehair braid which will be a new exciting venture for me. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get this guy knocked out!

Here’s the recap:

Day 15:

Butterfly tank top. This was the first pic I took and it amused me enough that I went with it. I don’t wear this shirt all that often because the straps and tie are a bit fussy. I did get a compliment from a passerby though so maybe I should put it into rotation more often. That giant fuzzball by my hand would be Freckles.

Day 16:

Denim Thurlows. I really am so proud of these. They have a decent fit, they’re comfortable and the front pockets are deep. I can easily put my phone in there when I walk and not worry about it trying to jump ship. Starting at the ear at the bottom clockwise: Kat, Felix and Freckles.

Day 17:

Swish and Flick skirt and Blackout Sorbetto. I don’t know why the smug face but let’s just say it’s from my entire outfit being me-made.

Day 18:

Maroon chiffon maxi. This one is too fun to wear. It has great body when I walk and I get tons of compliments on it. Plus look at the twirl! Bad news is the kids love to hang out under my maxi skirts and that’s a no-no with chiffon. A kitty claw snag would leave me heart broken.

Day 19:

Black button down. This is made from the same fabric as my Blackout Sorbetto. It doesn’t wrinkle so it never needs ironing and it’s got that wicking stuff in it. Plus it looks totally grown-up and work like.

Day 20:

Workout capris. I don’t wear these ones as much as my other workout capris. The fabric is a little rough. The print was too awesome to pass up though. It was kind of an impulse fabric buy in NYC.

Day 21:

Geometric skirt. This skirt has big pockets and pockets make me happy. I don’t know why I haven’t made more like it. I love this fabric. It’s got a little bit of stretch and it’s kinda stiff so the skirt holds volume. I wish I had more to make a pair of Thurlow shorts.

As I mentioned, the month’s almost over. How is everyone else getting along with only 1 full week left?

To Be Or Not To Be…

That is the question when I look at my new Sorbetto by Colette. That’s number 4 thank you very much. Check it One, Two and Three. So why am I asking myself this question? Well, should it be an every day shirt or the start of a set of pajamas? I have enough fabric to make shorts to match or I could always use it for another project.

This fabric was purchased quite a while ago from Jo-Ann’s.  It’s another Red Line sale. I could not tell you want it is. I would assume some sort of polyester. It slick and slippery on the one side but a smidge rough on the back. That’s part of the reason I’m hesitant on pjs. Do I want something slightly rough on my skin when I’m supposed to be comfy and ready to sleep like a baby? The print is a little questionable for every day wear because it’s slightly old lady and will I feel like the lady with blue hair every time I wear it?

The construction of the shirt is very similar to my other versions except I went with the straight hem as the pattern shows. I did add 2″ to the bottom for extra length because I think the pattern is too short. I took out the center pleat and an extra 1″ from the center otherwise I think the neck is too big. I added the 1″ back to the bottom width and graded from the bottom of the arm to my new hem. It sounds like a lot but I got this down to a science yo!

I made my own bias tape of the same fabric for the arms and neck. I fold it to the inside so you don’t see it when it’s worn.  You can see it’s not perfect but it’s doing its job. I’ve only had the bias tape show on my first Sorbetto. I liked the contrast against the print.

So now it’s opinion time. Is it jammies or every day wear? I shall hold my breath waiting for responses.

Me Made May ’16 Week 2 

Another week down and another assortment of me mades. I have one repeat this week but it’s accompanied by something new for the month. I have to say taking a pic a day starts to make me analyze my face and wonder why it makes the movements it does. That’s my nonchalant face? I look annoyed. My happy face is all squishy, where do my eyes go. Oh well. Self analyzing aside, behold! Week 2!

Day 8:

Safari Simone. Super comfy and soft. This was my second Simone. The first was a top and the second I decided to go the length. Eventually I’ll make another with the piping included on the placket. New challenges!

Day 9:

Butterfly blouse Simplicity 1364. This was part of Fail February. I couldn’t give up on the top. I pulled out the thick bias tape I made and replaced it with a light cotton I had in my stash. I did this for the arms and the neckline. It fixed the weird stiffness in the bands but the neckline was too big. I pulled the extra fabric in the front and measured it. The easiest way to fix it was to add a pleat. It did mean pulling the bias tape off in this section, cutting it down, adding the pleat and reattaching the tape. Totally worth it!

Day 10:

Teal maxi skirt unblogged. This guy was reworked a little recently. The waistband piece was stretched out and heading south on one side. It was lopsided. I ripped off the waist piece, evened it out and sewed it back on. I guess Me Made May is giving me a reason to fix some issues.

Day 11:

Workout capris. Excuse the head chop on this one. I had just got done exercising and it was gross. But everyone is rewarded with a Felix.

Day 12:

Little grey jacket and little grey Kat butt. Also, my blackout Sorbetto for a second time this month. I don’t wear this a lot. This is the same way I wear it every time. It makes it a little boring.

Day 13:

Hawaiian print shirt Simplicity 1106. Made this out of rayon blend. It’s soft and light on hot days. Plus it’s bright and has a crazy print that makes me happy.

Day 14:

Simone in skulls. Two Simones in one week. This was my first. The skull fabric came from NYC. It took me forever to decided what the perfect pattern would be to make this. I finally settled on the Simone and so happy I did. Felix again. Little camera hog.

Cuckoo for Coconuts

When you think coconuts you think Hawaiian right? No? Just me. Oh well segue that into Hawaiian print fabric.  I bought a super bright, flowery print from SAS Fabric in Phoenix. That store is amazing! I had to put about 3 or 4 bolts back because I was going a little crazy.

I picked the fabric specifically for Simplicity 1106 version D. I wanted more weekend clothes. Fun fabric and a twist on the t-shirt pattern seemed the perfect pair.

The pattern has a separate piece for the back yoke. I contemplated using a different fabric but I was worried about it looking too eye-catching and not being cohesive. The fabric has an edging that’s almost wide enough to fit the yoke pattern piece. If I would have thought about the seam allowance, I would have realized that I could have cut it a little differently and the edging would have fit perfectly without excess print. I did leave out the hole on the back of the shirt. I didn’t want to have a break in my awesome print. I had to grade the pattern from the bottom of the sleeves to wider at the hem. This is a typical adjustment I make on most patterns.

Check out that pattern match! I was really particular about making sure the pink flowers went straight down the front and back. This pattern comes together so fast. I’m normally a really slow sewer but it was done before I knew it.

I’m really happy with the neckline and my top-stitching. I did have issues with the hemming. The fabric is so light that when I hemmed it the fabric would fly out. It made the sleeves look like I was ready to take flight. I adjusted the hem on the sleeves to be a little deeper to give them more weight.

I can see myself making this pattern again. Like I mentioned it’s so quick to sew and there’s lots of ways to make each version different.