Purple Thurlows

I seem to have boarded the Thurlow train rather late. But then again, I didn’t really start sewing my own clothes until about two years ago. I chose the Thurlow pattern by Sewaholic as my first fitted pants pattern. I have another pattern I bought awhile back but I couldn’t resist the Thurlow pattern after seeing some great ones from some of my favorite sewing bloggers.

I picked up the purple suiting at Mood in NYC. It was my only purchase there. I would have bought so much more but as I mentioned before, all the fantastic fabric is so overwhelming.

In the growing lists of firsts with this project, I made a muslin. I don’t make them. I feel no need for them with skirts or shirts because I’ll just adjust as I go. Probably not the best practice to keep. The muslin ended up looking like clown pants because I ran out of muslin fabric and used some weird yellow cotton I had in my stash. In other words, you don’t get to see it.

I read through the instructions several times before beginning. These instructions are not made for someone that has never made pants before so beware first timers. Luckily, Lladybird has a sew-a-long on the Thurlows. I found it so helpful! Big thanks to her and her awesome self.

sassy pants

Here’s the finished product. Beautiful purple pants! I’ve wanted purple pants for years but never found any dress ones for work. They surprisingly look great with a t-shirt.

thurlows side

I adjusted these pants after I had them completely done. That meant tearing out all kinds of stitches then putting it all back together. Why did I do this? Two words: saggy crotch. It looked like I was trying to smuggle something in there. And of all places. Really!?! All I needed to do was take out some space from the waist to make them tighter and sit higher. I still think there could be more adjustments made to the fit but screw it! I’m happy and I’ll wear them.

double welt

Continuing with the firsts, double welt pockets. They don’t look too bad for my first try. I probably should have practiced but whatever. Guess I should have used the lint roller a little more heavily. Also, not sure why it looks Barney purple in this shot.

thurlows back

They fit the booty. This is the part I was worried about most. I think this where making the muslin helped.

slash pocket

Slash pockets. I have one pair of rtw pants that have slash pockets and I love them.

pocket lining

Speaking of pockets. Check out my pocket lining. That’s black with shiny, glittery pinstripes. That came from my fabric stash from many years ago. I may have used it on a purse.

FYI, no I’m not one of those people that need my phone every second of everyday. It acts as the remote for my camera. So expect to see it more often if I can’t get better at hiding it.


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