Month: September 2015

Men’s Shirt to Mac Shirt

It’s been awhile guys!  Hubby and I made the big move from Ohio to Arizona. What a long, boring and difficult ride it was!  I don’t recommend the drive but living in AZ is awesome!  The sky is a beautiful blue everyday. There’s lots of outside activities and people near us are quite active. I feel we’re getting the “monkey see, monkey do” attitude. Besides enjoying the outdoors we’ve been loving the amazing food our area has to offer. Food trucks are my newest fancy. The smells, the taste…everything just brings all the senses to attention.

Enough about my new found life spoils, let’s talk sewing!

I’ve resized shirts before but I don’t think I’ve talked about it on my blog. Finding decent girl team apparel is a pain in my behind. Usually it’s covered in rhinestones and glitter or torn to show skin or absurdly tight. So I say screw you and I don’t need your girl driven apparel. Now don’t get my wrong. I do love glitter but on my sports wear is not where it should be.

ASU Original

I picked up an ASU shirt (go sun devils) at Kohl’s. It’s a guys shirt and one size bigger than I would need. You could buy a guy’s shirt and wear it but the sleeves are too big and the shoulder area sits way too low. Sometimes to looks like the sleeves come out of my boobs. I’m not sure how that happens. Needless to say, it doesn’t have the proper shape for a girl. This is where we make changes.


Find your favorite fitting t-shirt and let that be your guide. Preferably it needs to have the same stretch as your guy shirt.


I took my favorite blue t-shirt and tailor’s chalk to mark where I need to cut. When cutting the shirt, don’t follow your chalk line. Make sure to give yourself a seam allowance. I eyeballed mine but usually 5/8″ is the way to go. Sew up the sides but make sure you don’t sew close the armholes.


Next take care of the sleeves. I lined up my new armholes to the original sleeves. I needed to make mine smaller in diameter and length. Usually you’ll want to make them smaller otherwise they kick out super far from your arms and you end up with sleeve tents. Not very cute.


Once you figure out the proper size, sew those bad boys on. Sometimes I take off length of the shirt but this one was only about an inch longer than my fav shirt and that didn’t seem worth the hassle. If you do take off length, I suggest a double needle to hem it back up. It helps make it look original. By the way, my side seams and sleeves were sewn with my serger. It gives it a nice clean and sturdy seam.


Now go rock your new team shirt!  Go Devils!

On a side note, if you have left over fabric from doensizing your shirt, I suggest making a bracelet. Go to YouTube and check out finger knitting bracelets. Video instructions on this is way easier to understand compared to written. This one is a three finger knit.