Month: February 2019

Yarning for Warmth

My first project of 2019 is a crochet project. I do not do crochet as much as I used to now that I’ve moved to a warmer climate. Unfortunately, I still get chilly because people’s love of a/c is a little too much for me. I wanted something cute and stylish. I’m currently wearing an IKEA blanket at work so anything is better looking than it. It is super comfy though…

I went through Pinterest looking for something to sew. Nothing really spoke to me. Everything looked like it was made for an older woman named Mitzy. I changed tactics and went for crochet. Then I found it!

The Saddlebrook Cape Scarf from Two of Wands was the perfect solution to all my teeth chattering needs. Not only can I wrap it around myself different ways, I can wear it out and about and not look like a sad hobo.

Within a few days of me committing myself to this pattern, Jo-Ann’s had a yarn sale! Woohoo! I love when things work out that way. I bought the same yarn that the pattern used except for the black. I knew that there was hardly any used in the pattern so I bought I different brand of a much smaller length.

I was able to complete this in a week! I did have to block the finished wrap which I’ve never done before. It’s 80″ long and I had not idea how the heck I was going to stretch it out to that length and be able to pin it down. I taped towels to my kitchen table and pinned the wrap to that to dry. I had to fold it in half so it took a bit longer to dry but I’m making it work people!

Look how snuggly it is! I’ve worn this to the office, restaurants and shopping. It’s so comfortable. There is a lot of it so it can be fussy at times but it’s fantastic and soft and everything I could want. Not to bad for my first project of the year.