Random Randomness

Some days there isn’t a full blown project in mind. It’s fixing little things or turning out something small so you feel accomplished. The past week was one of those times. I completed three random projects.


The first project was fixing a dress I bought years ago. Originally it was a cotton maxi dress that went to the floor. Now it’s top is fraying and it’s nowhere close to even my ankles let alone the floor. I have been cheating and wearing it as a skirt with the top rolled down. I wore it several times like that. Have I ever mentioned I’m lazy?


It was time to fix this dress properly. I started by splitting one of the side seems at the bottom. This dress is pretty much a tube and not the easiest thing to walk in. Is anyone asking at this point why am I hanging onto a dress that’s falling apart and difficult to walk in? I’m thinking the same thing as I write this Ha! I do like the print and it’s super soft so let’s go with that.

I split the seam up to just about the knee, tried it on for length and marked it with chalk on the front and back. I trimmed off the top of the dress.
I used 3″ elastic to create a waistband for my new skirt which is as easy as sergering the two together and bam! Done! Dress

Next I used the cut off portion of my skirt from a few weeks ago and made a quick headband. The fabric is super stretchy so it was as easy as making a tube and sewing the ends together.  Dress

Quick and cute! Dress

Lastly, I made another disco bracelet. I loved the black one so why not make another? I bought 6″ of silver sequins. It really only takes somewhere between 4-5″ for my wrist. I made the spandex pocket on the inside for my Fitbit. Then sergered the two ends together. And bam! Saturday Fever baby!

Three new fun pieces knocked out in no time. Now it’s back to my other projects I’ve been ignoring.



  1. What a great refashion! Never let a mediocre dress go to waste if you can make it into an amazing maxi skirt/headband! This is making me want to get off my tookus and sew. It’s been over a month since I touched my machine! Agh!

    1. Thanks!
      But you’ve been busy being out of country. You better have brought back some awesome fabric! I’m hoping to see you showcase it on your blog.
      You just need a small project to get your sewing mojo back.

      1. True, I guess being gone for half a month on the other side of the world is nothing to feel guilty about. I’m waiting on 2 boxes to arrive that we shipped from Tokyo… we couldn’t fit all of our souveniers and some of my fabric in our carry-ons we brought. I’ll definitely do a Japan recap post and show off all the fabric I bought once I get everything in hand! I’ve just never gone this long without posting – it’s making me anxious, LOL. But in the meantime I get to enjoy everyone else’s posts!

        I’m hoping to sew a little this weekend. The only thing I have mostly cut out are my Ginger Jeans… umm start big or go home? LOL.

      2. I can’t wait for the recap posts! I totally think a great way to recover your sewing mojo are jeans! lol You might want to have your seam ripper handy though. Good luck!

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