Month: February 2016

Dress Fail Salvaged

Okay so I didn’t really mean to share two fails in a row but this one has a happy ending. Onward to the fail!

When I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree I really wanted to make a dress for my graduation. One thing I learned with sewing is that deadlines are the devil. I end up rushing things and then end up ripping everything apart. Eventually it goes back together the right way but that was not the case here.

I decided to make McCall’s M6741 version A. I picked a multi colored rayon. This was my first go with rayon. I also decided to pattern match the fabric since it has a destinctive design. The pattern matching was a pain in my butt and somehow I ended up cutting the dress entirely too short. Like “hello butt cheeks” short. After a trip to the fabric store, I had a green knit to add on the bottom. Which was fine, because that’s on the illustration so if it’s on there then it has to work! Crisis averted.

The pockets on this pattern are placed on the front of the dress in the princess seams. I didn’t realize how stupid that was until I already had them in. If you put anything in them, it’s gonna bounce off your crotch as you walk. Nice mental picture right?

I hate that the zip is on the side. It goes from the hip into my armpit below the sleeve. I think it’s awkward. Don’t tell me to put zips in weird places because I don’t know any better and follow instructions!

The neckline is the most epic part of the fail. It doesn’t lay flat. I didn’t like the way it originally look so I added a “v” to it. MISTAKE. I still wore the dress but I was thankful my gown covered it.

It’s been almost two years ago that I made that dress. I couldn’t stand looking at in the closet anymore so I decided to do something about it. I chopped it. I cut it at the point it would fit my waist because this bad boy is going to be a skirt.

I folded down the top a couple times and sewed it down.

The most amusing part of the new little skirt is the little zip. Hehe check him out! It doesn’t zip down enough for me to step into the skirt and pull it up to my waist. I have to pull it down over my head. The little zip does secure it in place and I added a hook and eye for that extra security.

I think it’s fun, flirty and like a good rayon it has a nice swish and flick.

Fail February

This idea came from a fellow sewing blogger. So many of us tend to not share our fails. Not sure if we’re embarrassed or simply think you won’t care to see it. Well February will now become our time to share those fails!

My fail dates back to July of 2015. It was my last make before I packed up my machines to move. It should have been a joyful moment and a teary goodbye to the place where I fully embraced sewing and made it a large part of my life. Instead it was riddled with “what the hell is going on?” “I did what the instructions said to!” “This looks like shiiiittttt!” So maybe it was tearful but for the wrong reasons.

I decided to tackle an easy vintage reprint pattern Simplicity 1364 view b. I still had left over fabric from the Butterfly Tank Tutorial post. It was just enough to complete this shirt pattern. One change I made was no zipper or hook and eye. The neck line is big enough to forgoe it. Why tackle a zipper when you don’t have to do it?

Fail Shoulder
Little pointy hands of shame!

Everything was going well. There’s so few pattern pieces that it sews up quick. I made bias tape from the butterfly fabric. This could have been the tipping point. The fabric is stiff and decently thick. It should not be used for bias tape. I jacked up the top stitching too. I think I had the thread tension set too tight.

Fail Neck
As if that isn’t enough for a fail, look at the neck. This stupid piece isn’t top stitched down. It’s under stitched. Again I blame the fabric. If it wasn’t so stiff it wouldn’t keep trying to creep up and out.

Full Shirt
That’s it. That’s my horrible fail. I’m so ashamed! I look forward to my yearly soul cleansing. Thanks Rachel from Sew Red-y!