Month: November 2015

Black Workshirt B5526

My favorite shirt pattern from Butterick is B5526. Nothing goes wrong when I make this pattern. It comes out great every. single. time.  Until now…

I bought this great black workwear fabric from The fabric is wicking like “eww I feel sweaty. oh no I don’t” wicking. It feels light and great against the skin.

I made this shirt the same size as my other 5 (? It may be more). Everything was going great. I love the princess seams and the top stitching. It makes me happy working on the details and it comes together so quickly. I got to the point where I was ready to add the button plackets.

This is where everything started going south. I sewed one side of the placket to the shirt and pressed the placket in half and then the seam allowance. Mistake number one. I scorched the fabric. May expletives later, I picked the threads and removed it. I cut a new strip and started again. This time I used a towel in between the fabric and iron. No scorch and a good press. Yay! I start to finish the placket by sewing the back down. Mistake number two. The fabric started twisting. Twisting! What the hell!?! I’ve never had a fabric do that. I sewed it on the best I could. I topstitched the folded edge and straightened it out, sorta. Both plackets tried to twist. I still can’t figure a reason behind that.

I knew early on I wanted the sleeves to end above my elbow. I was going to use the cuff with three buttons. Mistake number three. I did not make the cuff long enough to fit around my massive bicep (hehe). After thinking awhile, I decided I would attach the cuff and flip it up. I did a few stitches near the split to keep it in place.

I hate putting on the collar. It’s always the worst and I think it comes out just okay. I read a new way to put the collar on the “shirt maker’s way”. I thought I would give it a try. Mistake number four. It was more difficult than the pattern instructions. But in the end, it looked better. I might have to give it a go again. We’ll see.

I think I need a break from B5526. I feel we’re not on the same page.

Halloween Pumpkin Skirt

Last year I was given a trio of fabric pumpkin napkins. The giver mentioned they would be great fabric for a skirt. How right they were!

Pumpkin Front Seam

I found simple instructions for taking your measurements for a simple A-Line skirt. There’s multiple sites and I checked out a few different instructions to see any variations. What it boils down to is measuring your waist, hips and the distance between. Add a few inches in the butt so you can sit down and then you have yourself a pattern.

Pumpkin Zipper

I completed my skirt in a few hours. The worst part was trying to figure out how to use the small amount of fabric. I had to use triangles left over from the sides of the back pieces for my front piece. Instead of having three pieces (two for back and one for front), I had five. I made sure the front seams went down the center of my thighs.

Pumpkin Full

I folded down the top to make the waist sit lower, added a zipper and hemmed the bottom. This was one of those projects that gave me the giggles when I was done. It’s just so cutesy and gaudy, that it’s absolutely fantastic.

 Pumkin Skirt

Pumpkin skirt with my pumpkin kitty Frankie!