Pillowcase Top and Denim Trousers

Let’s knock out the easy item first! I made another Sorbetto! This makes number 3. I’m on a roll. This one isn’t much different than my blackout version. I did remember this time to add in the 1″ I took from the top center and add it back in at the bottom. It gave the shirt more room and drapes a bit nicer. Good for those eatin’ days.

So what’s with the pillowcase title? Well the satin fabric was leftover from a couple pillowcases that I made. It was a little weird all day to think I accidentally put one of them on to wear to work.

The bigger piece of this post is… MY PANTS!!! I made another pair of Thurlows. Happy dance commence! *No picture. Nobody wants to see that.

Okay maybe there’s one picture. One of my goals this year was to make another pair of Thurlows. I think they have a great shape and the construction is not too terrible.

After my last bout with the Thurlows I decided to forgoe the double welt pockets on the back. It’s a super weak point (see here for the aftermath) and until I figure out how to correct that I’ll figure out different pocket styles to use.

I’ve had this dark denim for about a couple years. I bought it at a Jo-Ann 50% off red line sale. The denim is light-weight with a little bit of stretch. To get the crotch just right for these pants I used my trusty capri pattern and marked it on the fabric. I pinned the Thurlow pattern on top after matching it up to my new lines. I also took 1″ off the front of the pants. Key point to take note of right there. It’s very important later on.

I used a fabric that should look very familiar. It’s remnants from the ill-fitted dress now rockin’ skirt I made. I even found a zip in my stash that matched the peacock blue. Everything was going smooth as it usually does. I changed out the hook for the pants with another button because one little hook doesn’t feel trustworthy enough.

I finished the pants. Hemmed them and all. I was feeling proud. It only took a couple weekends. For me, that’s a record for something difficult. Then I got to really looking at how they fit. Why did I not notice before the finishing was done that there is some extreme puddling under my booty. What the frick!?! Best thing to do at this point is to put it down and walk away. And also take a lot of pictures of your butt. Yup, butt shots coming your way!

Left is after and right is before. Oh yeah, on the before you can see I was contemplating pockets. No matter how much I pulled the fabric this way and that I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then it hit me. Remember the key point from before. Well when you take 1″ out of the front then match up the sides of the front and back it skews the back of the pant leg by guess what? An inch!

After a thoroughly good cuss at my pants and myself, I spent way too much time tearing out the side seams and a good chunk of the waistband. It was all worth it in the end. They fit and they fit well. So screw you aggravation. I win! In the pic above you can see the extreme difference in the height of the front and back waistband. I do like it higher in the back but I think on the next pair, 1/2″ off the center back and then grade it to the 1″ at the sides.


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