Month: May 2015

Me-Made-May Week 5

Day 24:
Floral Skirt
Pink flower power skirt in rayon. This skirt is so light and flowy it was can only be worn on days with no wind. Or I clench a good chunk of it in my hand as I walk. I’m no Marilyn!

Day 25:
Spandex Pants
Workout capris in spandex. I had the day off and I wasn’t planning on going anywhere so I spent the day in spandex. It felt a little wrong but oh so right.

Day 26:
Skull Shirt
Simone in polyester. Love, love, love how this top came out. I picked up the skull fabric on the trip to NYC last year.

Day 27:
Got a two-fer. Butterfly shirt and denim skirt. Both of these guys are repeats from earlier in the month but first time paired together.

Day 28:
Cream Tank
Cream tank top in jersey. This one feels like a cheater. I feel that the me-made is kinda hid.

Day 29:
Lace sleeved t-shirt and purple Thurlows. Since I felt so bad about yesterday I made a new shirt that night to wear the next day. I wore my purple Thurlows again. (I think that makes third time this month) I paired it with a lace sleeved shirt. Want to make one yourself? It’s super easy so I’m not doing a whole post on it. Buy a t-shirt, cut off the sleeves, use said sleeve as a template to cut lace sleeves, sew lace sleeves back on shirt and you’re done. Boom.

Day 30:
Pink Plaid
Grey tank top in jersey. Another one that I’ve worn three times in one month. At least I styled it differently…

Day 31:
Grey Tank
Pink plaid in cotton. I feel like a farmer when I wear plaid. I really like the shirt but hate the Farmer Jane feel.

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Me-Made-May Week 3
Me-Made-May Week 4

Me-Made-May Week 4

I was going great without repeats… until this week. The weather in Ohio seems to have gotten confused and the temperature has dropped. I was saving a few shorter skirts for the end of the month when it would be warmer.

Day 17:
BW Plaid
This again is Butterick 5526 made from cotton. My first time working with plaids. Unfortunately I didn’t know to match plaids. I’m still happy with the shirt.

Day 18:
Palazzo Pants
Palazzo pants made from rayon. I don’t wear these pants super often because I still don’t know what tops to wear with it.

Day 19:
Gray Tank
This is sick Jamie. I was at home and wanting comfort. Super soft jersey tank top to the rescue!

Day 20:
Purple Vest
My Doctor Who purple vest paired with my purple Thurlows that I wore earlier in the month. Kind of a repeat but not. Different style combination for me, I think I could handle more of this type of look.

Day 21:
Pink Maxi Skirt
This is a blatant repeat. Pink jersey maxi skirt also worn during week 1.

Day 22:
Tie-Dye Skirt
Tie-dye skirt made from t-shirts. I get tons of compliments on this skirt. The colors can make even a drab workday fun.

Day 23:
Geometric Denim Skirt
Denim skirt. This didn’t photograph well. I was in a bit of a hurry because I was having a garage sale and I needed to get outside to get things going. I’ll do a proper post on the skirt in a day or two.

Me-Made-May Week 1
Me-Made-May Week 2
Me-Made-May Week 3

Me Made May Week 3

Third week starts out quite grand!

Day 10:
Green Skirt
By grand, I mean derpy. Green skirt with purple stripes. I ended up cutting about 4″-5″ off the skirt before taking the pic. I’ve worn this skirt before and it used to be a maxi then something happened. Chop chop and its renewed.

Day 11:
Candy Stripe Skirt
Candy stripe knit circle skirt. Circle skirts are easy to make and they have the bonus of being super fun to twirl in.

Day 12:
Cream Tank
Cream tank top. This is the same pattern that I used last week on the grey tank top.

Day 13:
Floral Shirt
Black floral button-down shirt. You can’t really see the shirt fully under the cardigan but it’s there. The sweater was completely resized. It had those crazy wings when I lifted my arm and the sleeve length was awkward. I may not have made it but it has the Jamie touch to it.

Day 14:
Blue Shirt
Blue button-down shirt from my fav Butterick 5526 pattern. I have to say that it looks like I’m heading off to teach an elementary class.

Day 15:
Teal Skirt
Teal jersey maxi. This skirt is extremely comfy. It has a lot of fabric that makes it a little cumbersome, like when walking up stairs, but all that fabric gives it the great flowy look.

Day 16:
Scarf Skirt
Scarf skirt. I made this skirt out of two of my grandma’s scarves. The scarves are attached to a tube of jersey with a jersey waistband.

We’re halfway through Me-Made-May! So far everything is going swimmingly. I hope everyone else is enjoying their Me-Made month.

Baby Blanket Blues

My friends are having their third baby. Third… Baby… Eww. I am not a kid person. Never have been. Never will be. I have a niece whom I enjoy terrorizing. Well, she can be cool sometimes… just sometimes though.

I have crocheted a baby blanket for both their girls so now I’ve made a third one for their upcoming third child, a boy. I try to not do the typical style of baby blanket for them. The first was a hot pink, black and white bubble blanket. The second was a rainbow colored star shape blanket. Now for the third, I’m making a basket weave teal and grey blanket. I found the pattern Basket Weave Baby Blanket from Craft Passion.

I went back and forth on deciding the colors for this blanket. You’ve got the typical blue, yellow or green. Blah! I let Hubby decide when we got to the store since I couldn’t make up my mind. Who better to pick colors for a boy blanket than another guy? Right?

The pattern is simple. An always repeating pattern and I can watch tv while I work. It took me a few months to complete, mainly because I can’t stick to one project but bounce around to different ones.

I tend not to pay attention to details when I first start projects. If I had, I would have realized that this afghan pattern is flipping huge. How is this made for a baby!?! I decided the width of the blanket is now the length. I even returned a skein of yarn because I didn’t need to make it as big as instructed.

Without further ado… Baby blanket!

Back Trim
The grey is the trim and it’s the back side.

Front Trim
The front side of the trim. The weaving looks the same on both sides. The trim is the only piece that distinguishes front from back.

Full Blanket
Perfect little blanket for a little man!

Me-Made-May Week 2

Second week down! Let me tell you, taking a photo of yourself every morning right after getting ready is annoying. Not that it’s a hard task for recording what you wear every day but trying to look excited/pleasant and not “dear god it’s 6 something in the morning” makes it annoying.

Here’s the round-up for the week:

Day 3:
Butterfly Shirt
Butterfly shirt made from polyester fabric. One of my first shirts. I’m still really happy with it and it’s comfortable.

Day 4:
Floral Maxi
Another maxi. You’ll see this as a trend of mine. Floral maxi from chiffon.

Day 5:
Plaid Shirt
Plaid cotton shirt. This one I blogged about, it’s my favorite pattern. Check out the original post.

Day 6:
Geometric Skirt
Cotton geometric skirt. Love this skirt! I love the vibrant colors and I gave it an elastic waistband instead of adding a zip. 😉

Day 7:
Purple Pants
Purple pants from stretch suiting. My first real pants. Still can’t get over that and still haven’t made another pair. lol

Day 8:
Tank Top
Jersey tank top. This one has a story and it will get its own post in due time.

Day 9:
Floral secretary out of an unknown, possibly chiffon fabric. I had to work Graduation that day. Dark colors are a requirement but I still can be flowery cute right?

Nine days and no repeats yet. I get lazy and like to wear the same things over and over. Hopefully I can keep this up!

Me-Made-May Week 1