Month: December 2015

Holiday Skirt Fluffiness

After sewing up my totally gawdy Halloween skirt (and loving it, mind you), I decided I needed something just as awesome for the Christmas holiday. I searched a few different times for the perfect obnoxious fabric. Normally when you make a circle skirt it’s best to stay away from stripes but sometimes I can’t help myself. I found my fabric at Jo-Ann’s as part of their Black Friday deals. I scored it at 70% off.

I sat on the floor with my fabric for the longest time. I only bought two yards and wanted to get a decent length skirt. No minis for this lady. I decided I would cut four pieces then sew those pieces together to make my circle. I made sure to add extra length to the sides of each piece for a seam allowance.

circle skirt folded

After sewing all four pieces together, I assessed the remaining fabric and found I had enough to make an extra wide waist band This also helped to give it more length. I didn’t put in any interfacing on the band. No particular reason but probably because I’m lazy.

Skirt Bias

For the hem, I used bias tape that I had in my stash. It was red and everything! Bad thing… I didn’t have enough of it. The only bias tape I had left in the stash was black that I had used for my colette geeky shirt.

Skirt Bias Black

They weren’t even the same width but I went for it. No one was going to see it anyways. Again, too lazy to run to the store and buy more. I also could have quickly made a piece but oh well. It’s a skirt that I’m going to wear a few times a year. If it was a more everyday piece, I totally would have made the extra effort.

I add a zipper to the side seam of the skirt. Have I mentioned how much I hate to put in zippers? I really need to get better at it then maybe I won’t loathe them so much.

Full Shot of Skirt

That completes the circle skirt. So what about the fluffiness? I made a petticoat! Yup. Complete random “I totally need this” moment. I wanted fluff so the petticoat was the way to go. I was a little terrified of the project. Not because of the process of creation but having the whole “Toddlers and Tiaras” feel.

Petticoat Fluff

I bought some great red organza from Jo-Ann’s. Any Gone with the Wind fans out there? Remember the red petticoat from that movie. I got the giggles thinking about that scene. Love that movie!

Petticoat Tiers

I went with the three tier style. I wanted enough poof. I was afraid the double layer, single tier style wouldn’t give enough poof The first tier has 2 yds of fabric, second tier has 4 yds and the third and final tier has 8 yds. You double the length of each tier. Easy right? Where did I get the original 2 yds? Well I took measuement of where I wanted the petticoat to sit on my waist and it was amost 1 yd so double that. See! Double, Double, DOUBLE!

I used my sewing machine to gather the fabric for each teir. Organza is pretty, has a good stiff feel but it frays like my cats shed. I saw someone said a great way to seal the edges is to use fray check. I tried that on the first tear after sewing it to the second tier WHAT A MESS! Not doing that again.I also hear you can burn the edges with a lighter. Now I do not recommend letting me set things on fire but Hubby was watching me closely. It does seal the edge but it’s not straight. Could you imagine the edge going in a wavey line? Me either. Next I tried to fold one side of the fabric over the other and sew it down. That worked okay. I used that to sew the second to third tier. Last thing was to use ribbon on the bottom edge. That turned out super cute and I was happy with the results. Until it started pulling off. DAMN! After all this work I’m not going to let this thing frey to nothing. I’m going to go back to the store and find a much wider ribbon and try the bottom again. It’s really had to find matching rbbon. There’s way too many reds!

Petticoat Waist

For the waist band I used 1/2″ wide elastic and and extra strip of organza. I used my serger along the edges of the extra piece to help stop the fray. Sew it to the top tier and fold the elastic into the strip and sew again.

I wore the skirt to work on Friday and to the holiday party that evening. I received so many compliments on my skirt. I felt super girlie and super festive! Even though my petticoat wasn’t the best, it didn’t spoil my mood and I do plan on fixing it. Maybe a valentines day skirt is in my future…

Petticoat Show

What did I learn from this project? Organza is a pain in my ass but it’s so pretty and a little bit of fluff never hurt anyone!