Month: December 2014

Recapping 2014

Well it’s the end of my first year of blogging. Actually not even a full year, I started in July. My main reason for making my blog was to track all the crazy stuff I make. If anyone else gets enjoyment out of that, I’m super happy.

So let’s do a top three and a crappy three. I don’t have that many projects on here so three sounds about right.

3 Palazzo Pants

My first pants. They may not be regular fitted pants like I’m currently trying, but they’re pants. They’re comfortable, flowy and flashy. I love them!

2 River Song Diary

One of the cooler things I’ve made this past year. And then I just give it away at the end. I’m a big Doctor Who fan and so is my bff. It’s easy to make her gifts. If I’m going to be uber excited about something so will she. I do plan on making another of these for myself because it’s that fantastic to me.

1 Hubby’s Peach Cobbler

This one has to be on the list because it was my first post. The cobbler was made in love. Not only was it for my husband’s b-day but it’s also my grandma’s recipe. I can’t make this without thinking of her. Great warm and fuzzies.

3 Scrappy Cat Bed

This makes number 3 because the kittens don’t use it. I thought it was such a great idea. It was warm, squishy and adorable. Well, they could care less.

2 Roman Shade Disaster

The title says it all on this one! I hated making this. The end result isn’t too bad but all the grief gets this one placed on the crappy list.

1 Frankenstein Cupcakes

The ultimate fail for me. The amount of powdered sugar that went into these still grosses me out. The construction was ridiculous and they looked really sad in the end. The ultimate crappy craft of 2014. Congrats you disgusting little monsters.

Hopefully there will be great things on the horizon next year. I have some projects in mind.
– I’m making my very first muslin and it’s for pants. 😳 (so terrified of pants!)
– I bought satin fabric for some pajamas. Super girly, flowery pajamas!
– I’m sure there be more skirts because I love the “no pants” days.
– Maybe I’ll even sew up something for Hubby.
– Then there’s always weird things that pop up during the year that requires something fun and creative. Those are typically fun and quick.

Whatever the new year brings you bet your sweet behind I’ll be busy making something. I mean the name is Mac’s Crafts people! πŸ˜†. Have a safe and Happy New Year. Hello 2015!

Capri Activewear

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of seeing plain materials being used in activewear for women. I want funky patterns and colors! I don’t think that’s a strange request.

One of the things I was adamant about picking up in NYC was some spandex. I’m making my own fun workout pants. And really, what’s more encouraging than pretty clothes to wear when working out? I picked mine up at either Spandex World or Spandex House. I feel really bad I can’t remember which it was.

I prefer to wear capris when I workout. The length has to be decently past my knee for maximum comfort. I have Reebok compression capris and my main complaint about those are they hit my natural waist and feel like they’re going to strangle my poor belly button. I’m constantly either folding them over or trying to keep the band at my hips by tugging. I’m sure if anyone watched me workout they would think I have ants in my pants.

I was spurred into making my own pants after seeing Lauren and the girls at Coletterie (who felt kitty kat inspired) versions. Too fabulous!! For mine, I made my own pattern from the instructions “How-Tuesday: Design and Sew Your Own Leggings” from Cal Patch that you can find here. I know it says leggings in the title but it’s a fine and dandy tutorial for workout pants. I mean both are stretchy and typically look like a second skin so we’re all good.

Making the pattern was the most time consuming part. It’s nothing exciting, but the main thing to draw your attention to is difference between the front and back rise. The high back ensures no plumber butt if you measure right. Now that I have it I can make more capris. *insert evil laugh here* Yes, there are plans for more capris in the future. I already have the fabric in my stash. πŸ˜†

WARNING: These are probably the most uncomfortable pictures for me to take. I’ve packed on the pounds after my g-ma passed away last year and taking them off isn’t going to well. I tried to use the most flattering shots and enough of them that you can see how bright, vibrate and easy to construct they are. Also, the picture quality sucks because I couldn’t take them on the new, awesome camera Hubby gave me but that’s a bit of a long story so onward!

Butt Capri?w=620
This is as close to a butt shot as you’re getting. But you can see no baggy areas back there.

Belly Capri?w=620
The waist sits right where I’m most comfortable below my belly button! The top of the capris have a piece of fabric folded over a piece of wide elastic then it’s stitched to the legs.

Front Capri?w=620
Everything on these we’re done with my serger except for a zig zag stitch I put at the very bottom of the pants. Is it weird I’m happy they don’t give me camel toe? 😏 FYI, that’s Frankie butt in the picture.

Muscle Capri?w=620
Me trying to amuse Hubby. The capris have an inseam on the legs, the crotch seam and then the one around the waistband. I stitched the bottom of the legs too for a cleaner look but I really think you could do without it.

Quick and easy project to end the year on. I can’t wait to make another pair!

River Song Diary

For Christmas I always trying to give my bff Jes something Jamie-Made and something store bought. Last year she received an awesome pixel quilt. Check it out below:


This year I couldn’t think of anything for the Jamie-Made piece. Eventually I settled on River Song’s diary. I know you can purchase it from Think Geek but I always think things are much more special if you make the present. Plus, I didn’t think the idea of making it seemed like something especially difficult.

I would say that this project took a month and a half to complete. I know that sounds like a long time for a book but I worked on other stuff and you do have to wait for paint, glue and mod podge to dry.


I bought a cheap diary style book from Wal-mart but I’m sure you can pick one up anywhere. Mine cost about $5. I stripped the book of its shiny and ugly wallpaper style coating. Doing so was rather quick and decently fun. The thought of destroying something to then make it beautiful was at the forefront of my mind.


The small piece of the book’s spine came off. That was an unexpected twist but easy to deal with.


I took a small piece of packing paper, some rubber cement and glued that bad boy back on.


After that it was trying to figure out how to make the detail on the front of the book. It’s very similar to the look of the Tardis. I used a couple cereal boxes, cut them to the size of the front of the book and glued the printed sides together. I had already sketched the design of the diary onto a piece of paper before I marked all over the cardboard. This was the longest process of the whole project. Cutting every little piece out with an X-acto knife and constantly worry about not stabbing myself took a small lifetime. I think it was worth it.


I did the spine a bit different. I use a single piece of cereal box cardboard. I didn’t want the ridges to be really deep. The great thing about thinner cardboard was that I could cut it with scissors.


Next I used mod podge. This was the first time I ever used it. I’m not a fan. I used a blue shade because I figured it would be a good base coat of color. This stuff didn’t go on as smooth as I was hoping. I took a piece of tissue paper and mod-podged it all over the book. My reasoning was that the edges of the book and the cardboard would become one. If I hadn’t, the cardboard would easily pop off of the book if it got caught on something and what a crap gift that would be!

Since that didn’t go on very smoothly I was stuck sanding down the book. Yes sanding. Hubby happens to have some uber fine sanding paper for model cars. It worked perfectly!


Two coats of Tardis blue later…



It’s starting to look very much like the book you can buy. To give it a bit of a dirty used look, I sanded it one more time in a few spots and painted it with brown watercolor then wiped it off.


The inside I made a bit more special. I bought a large piece of poster paper from Hobby Lobby in a cream tone. I printed Gallifreyan on the paper, painted yellow and orange water colors, and glued it into the book. I bet the one you can buy doesn’t have that!


The last step was for Hubby to give the whole book a clear coat. I wanted the book to have a smoother feel and the clear coat was the way to go.

I like to think of myself as a decent gift giver. I would love to keep this book, of course, I felt the same way last year about the quilt. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Floral Secretary

This shirt was supposed to be made during the summer (oops!). It is made out of the same type of material as this shirt. I wanted a secretary style shirt and I thought with the floral fabric it would look great and be ultra feminine. Of course now it’s winter but that’s okay because that’s what cardigans are for.


This fabric was bought at the same Joann’s Red Line sale that I bought the other. It’s some sort of see through poly. (I don’t know fabrics all that well. For all I know it’s a cheap version of chiffon.) What I have failed to mention is that the previous button up shirt has a hole in it. This stuff is not the nicest thing to sew with. I have a serger and used it on both shirts. Not really sure how I can keep the fabric from fraying out on the edges even after being sewed together.


On the secretary shirt I cheated, I had two very small spots that needed attention on the ruffles because they frayed out. I used some fray stop and very carefully put it in the seam. I’m hoping that will help and last through the washings it’s going to go through.


The shirt is made out of four pieces. The front, back and two lengths for the tie. Did I mention this was “Jamie Drafted”? It’s a pretty boxy shape but the fabric is super drapey so it falls in all the right places. I did use a small piece of black interfacing on the collar so it stands up. Did you know they make black interfacing!?! I didn’t but this opens new possibilities.


Really, this shirt took way longer than it should have. Actually all my sewing projects take longer than they should because I don’t have a designated sewing space. I have to haul out the sewing machine or serger and plop them on the coffee table.


The things I would have changed about this shirt is probably a different fabric, made the neck bigger (fitting my head through is a bit snug) and possibly sewing the ties down a bit further along the collar. I’m still really happy with it… As long as it holds together. 😜

NYC Crochet Hat

Over the weekend I had my first trip to NYC! In my preparations for my trip, I did inventory of my best cold weather items. I noticed I was lacking a good hat. I have plenty of cutesy hats but if I’m running around New York in the cold I must be prepared!

My whole trip boils down to 13 crazy hours. A co-worker and I are taking a bus from Ohio to New York overnight and spend 7am to 8pm running amuck. We carefully made a list of everything we wanted to see in our little time. High on both our priorities is seeing the Statue of Liberty and hitting the Garment District.

I’m one of those people that needs to plan (let’s be honest, over plan) a trip. I need to know what’s there, how much, how long does it take and so on. My travel companion tends to be the “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of girl. Two completely different people. She is gracious enough to humor me and super plan with me.

So here’s (almost) everything we hit:
Staten Island Ferry – where you can see great views of the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of Manhattan. By the way, it’s free!
Mood Fabrics
Paron’s Fabrics
Spandex World
Empire State Building
Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market
Times Square
Grand Central Station
Rockefeller Center

That’s the main places. We hit a few more shops in the garment district and around the city. It was completely overwhelming. The amount of people, the places to shop, and the things to see. I was amazed at how small everything was compared to what it looks like on tv.

I do have to say every New Yorker we spoke to was nice and extremely helpful. The subway is not scary (it’s surprising clean and the tile work at the stations is amazing!) and it’s a great cheap way to get around the city.

Okay enough blabbing here’s about the hat:

The awesome hat I made comes from Yarn Inspirations called Twist ‘N Shout Slouchy Hat.

I’m a fast crocheter so I knew I could get this done quickly. The piece that took the longest was the band of the hat. Slip stitches and only catching the back loop is a bit time consuming but it makes for a nice stretchy band. I did stray from the instructions when it says to use a faux fur ball as your pom. I made a big one with left over yarn I had.


Riding the Staten Island Ferry in style!


I wear my hats back pretty far on my head but it still covers my ears. If you’re going to wear this hat farther forward you would need a smaller band.


I love the stitches on this hat! It gives it just enough visual interest and the stitches are tight together to keep the wind from whipping through.


A look at the big pom. I think it still could have been bigger. It also could have been a different color from the hat such as hot pink or purple. I’m happy with the grey on grey for now. It’s easy enough to change later if I choose.

Eventually I’ll finish knitting a scarf to go with the hat but I suck at knitting. It’s my first knitting project that I started in the spring. It’s not getting very far. Maybe in a few years I’ll have a scarf.