Goblin King That Never Was

It’s the best time year! It’s Fail February! Rachel from Sew Red-y came up with a great idea last year. Showing that all sewists are human (Sometimes only. Usually we’re all glorious, beautiful, sewing mavens) and we do have the seldom mishap. You can read more about it on her blog.

One of my favorite 80’s movies is Labyrinth. If you have not seen this movie, I honestly don’t know if we can still be friends. I wanted nothing more than to be the Goblin King (queen in my case) for Halloween. I was itching to make a grey pair of Jamie Jeans anyways, then I could make the white shirt, gloves and vest. Bam! Costume! 

If you caught my Doctor costume from a few years ago, you’ll know that if I make a costume I want the pieces to be wearable all year not just for my costume. It took me a while to track down grey denim fabric. What I found was from The color was a bit lighter than I wanted but beggars can’t be choosers. When the fabric arrived I was disappointed. can really be hit or miss. I’ve bought some great fabric there (blackout sorbetto) and I’ve bought some crap fabric (Han solo jeans).  Needless to say what I need to stop buying from them is denim. The fabric just feels weird.  I can’t describe its weird factor. Denim is not even a word on my radar when I touch it.

I trudged ahead and cut my fabric and basted the main pieces together to check the fit. Oh. Dear. God. So hideous! They were so baggy. I can’t even tell you how much I took off the width each piece because I’ve been working/hiding these since before October.

What the crap is going on here? I basted the pants together again and the legs fit so much better but I was still unhappy. They felt awful and the pockets pulled weird. The pockets are my favorite part of this pattern!

Here’s another shot of the pocket. Looks a bit better here but you can still see that pulling. The fabric made this a doomed project. I finished off the legs and connected them together… And there they sat. Doomed fail laying there laughing at me.  With the winter holidays, there’s lots of opportunities for sewing. I picked them up again and finished them. Well so I thought. I put them on and the waist was too baggy. Insert all the expletives in one long string here. Again they sat on my table.

Come January I decided I’m ready to finish these “jeans”. They were not getting the best of me! I ripped off the waistband, recut it and added some decorative stitching. That’ll help me through. Hot pink prettiness. The bunching goes away when I put them on because of all that ridiculous stretch. I stitched on the waistband (again) and added the button hole… On the wrong band piece. It’s okay I got this! Little did I know my lady (Katherine from Babylock) loves her some stitches and puts a ton of little stitches in beneath the main stitches to make a super secure button hole. I love her but damn gurl! I tried again reassuring myself several times I had the right piece of the waistband this time.

Even the back looks super bad. Weird back thigh wrinkles. 😦 But… Finally! Done! Damn son of a beyotch, crappy jeans.  I have completed you. You look like crap but you are done. These pictures are the only time I have worn the jeans. I think a really long tunic  with high boots could cover up the bad parts. Of course, that only leaves my knees showing but that’s the good part. lol

I did wear my kitten shirt to offset the horrible jeans and so you get some enjoyment.

Please don’t think that the pattern is bad. You can check out my awesome Jamie Jeans. I love those jeans and I wear them a ton. This post just goes to show you how fabric is so important in any make. I’m also happy this was not the first time I made Jamie Jeans. I don’t know if I would have returned to the pattern.

Happy Fail February everyone!

Fail February

This idea came from a fellow sewing blogger. So many of us tend to not share our fails. Not sure if we’re embarrassed or simply think you won’t care to see it. Well February will now become our time to share those fails!

My fail dates back to July of 2015. It was my last make before I packed up my machines to move. It should have been a joyful moment and a teary goodbye to the place where I fully embraced sewing and made it a large part of my life. Instead it was riddled with “what the hell is going on?” “I did what the instructions said to!” “This looks like shiiiittttt!” So maybe it was tearful but for the wrong reasons.

I decided to tackle an easy vintage reprint pattern Simplicity 1364 view b. I still had left over fabric from the Butterfly Tank Tutorial post. It was just enough to complete this shirt pattern. One change I made was no zipper or hook and eye. The neck line is big enough to forgoe it. Why tackle a zipper when you don’t have to do it?

Fail Shoulder
Little pointy hands of shame!

Everything was going well. There’s so few pattern pieces that it sews up quick. I made bias tape from the butterfly fabric. This could have been the tipping point. The fabric is stiff and decently thick. It should not be used for bias tape. I jacked up the top stitching too. I think I had the thread tension set too tight.

Fail Neck
As if that isn’t enough for a fail, look at the neck. This stupid piece isn’t top stitched down. It’s under stitched. Again I blame the fabric. If it wasn’t so stiff it wouldn’t keep trying to creep up and out.

Full Shirt
That’s it. That’s my horrible fail. I’m so ashamed! I look forward to my yearly soul cleansing. Thanks Rachel from Sew Red-y!