Tumbling Keyboard Cover

It’s time for me to try something new! It’s good to expand the sewing horizons right? I have this fascination with Mister Domestic. He’s primarily a quilter and a makes some amazing things. I love to watch his weaving videos. He does beautiful quilts that are made from woven strips of fabric. I’ve been wanting to give it a go and on a small scale is totally the way for me to try it. I wanted a keyboard cover for my Logitech keyboard that I use with my iPad.

Lots of prep goes into this fabric weaving. You need to cut a ton of strips of fabric. I cut mine at 1 1/2″ wide and there’s no need to cut it on the bias so that makes it a bit easier to cut. I cut three different fabrics for mine. I’m sure you don’t need to but if you want the block look, you’ll want three. Even though you’re not cutting the fabric on the bias, you’ll want to finish them like they are bias tape. I didn’t use a bias tape maker to iron them out. I took the edges and pressed them towards the middle. I wasn’t too worried about them being perfect.

I spent a lot of time staring at the videos that Mister Domestic made of this block pattern to figure out when is the next over or under. There’s a certain pattern to the whole thing: two under, one over or is it the other way? I’m not 100% sure now. Needless to say, his videos are the best and can teach any bonehead (me) how to weave fabric.

Mister Domestic uses some sort of board to pin his strips to. I’m not that spiffy and instead I used the foam interfacing that I had for the keyboard cover. It worked rather well. It holds the pins tight and you need the iron on interfacing to press the strips onto. It’s what holds it all together.

I was so proud of how well the large piece came out that I made another little one with the scraps that I had. So cute! I decided to use it as a pocket on the front. Do I need a pocket on the front? Nope! It’s too adorable not to use plus it gives it a bit of pizzaz to an otherwise boring front.

There’s a flap on the top to keep the keyboard inside the cover but it’s not really necessary because that sucker is in there tight. I added a bit of Velcro to keep the flap down.

And there you have it! That’s my first little toe into the world of fabric weaving. Damn proud!