Holiday Dressing

I’m on a holiday roll here at Mac’s Crafts. First it was Hubby’s kitten shirt which has gotten mostly positive reviews from friends, family and random strangers. Also received kind words of “it fits well”. Can’t be everyone’s cup of tea right?

Last year I made myself some twirly goodness, otherwise known as a circle skirt with holiday fabric. This year I wanted a dress. I don’t plan to make this a yearly thing but I really wanted a plaid dress. The holidays was a reason to treat myself and make something that I can only wear a few times a year.

I didn’t use a dress pattern. Instead I used my peplum pattern Simplicity 1425 and figured I could add a circle skirt to the bottom of the bodice. Woo hoo got a plan. My fabric is cotton flannel from Jo-Ann’s. I went through all the plaids at the store and this one caught my eye. The flannel is soft and not heavy so I won’t sweat to death. Living in the AZ here peeps. Heavy clothing is not necessary just optional.

So here’s a shot of the bodice  nothing too exciting. It has princess seams for shape. Pretty basic and a good starting off point.

I did my best to match the plaids. Some areas are better than others. I top-stitched all my seams with red thread. I used a 20″ zip for the back closure. It’s not perfect but I’m worried if I rip it out and try to redo it, it will look worse. Zips and I only get along sometimes. We’re working on our relationship. But it does go up and down like it’s meant to. I say this is a win. By the way, I figured out how to wiggle and bend my arms just right so I can zip up by myself without adding the little tab I put on my polka dot peplum.

I made black bias tape for the arms and the neck. You can see my awesome serger’s work too on the seams. Makes for nice clean guts.

I used the flannel to make bias tape for the bottom of the circle skirt. I really forget how big the skirt is until I’m hemming the bottom. Never ending! I used two lines of stitches on the hem. One to get the folded edge nice and crisp the other to get the rest of the width tacked down. The red blends in really well so you don’t notice the two lines. I went wider with the tape on the bottom because I didn’t want the edge to flip up weird.

I made a belt for my dress too because I had a bit of leftover fabric. I followed Tilly and the Buttons instructions for a bow belt.  Totally cute right? Super easy to make. She didn’t mention a seam allowance so I used 1/4″. I bet it’s supposed to be larger because my belt looks wider than her’s. I’m really happy with it though so it doesn’t matter now but I’ll know for my next one.

I also used little snaps for the closure instead of the hook and eye. Sometimes those little buggers are fussy and snaps are easier.

One of the great things about this dress is that I get to use my petticoat from last year to give my dress some oomph. Yay for poof and twirly dresses! Here’s a good pic to show the amount of oomph I get from my petticoat. It’s not a lot but enough to give it some body.

I actually had to do a bit of repair to the petticoat because the ribbon I used on the bottom was crap. I fixed it with cotton fabric and a zig zag stitch. It feels much better and I like the brighter pop of red. 

Here’s my full holiday dress in all its glory. Bow belt and petticoat included.

I couldn’t leave you without sharing some twirly goodness!

Plaid B5526

Black & Pink Plaid B5526

It’s time for my favorite pattern again! Butterick 5526! I tried to match my plaids on this shirt. I’ve made a plaid shirt in the past and didn’t match the plaids. I felt guilty about it. Especially after reading fellow sewing bloggers talk about how they hate unmatched plaid. 😳 Talk about feeling ashamed.

B5526 Plaid

I bought this cotton plaid from Jo-Ann Fabrics during a red line clearance sale. Cotton is so easy to sew with and feels so soft and comfy.


I did change things up a bit with the matching. I cut the cuffs and the button placket on the bias. I wish I would have done the collar too.


The plaid matches from the top to the bottom! Woo-hoo

I thought I made it through this shirt without having to pull out the seam ripper. I’m not that lucky. I sewed the seam on the wrong side of the sleeve and attached it to the shirt. When I tried it on, the sleeve placket was on the inside of my wrist instead of the outside. Doh!

Button Bias

The plaid doesn’t match as well on the front but it’s not that far off. I think the button placket distracts from this because it breaks it up. Hehe

After fixing my stupid issue, we have a cute black and pink plaid shirt. By the way, I’m a super lazy sewist and this shirt has been done for a couple weeks. I needed to add buttons and button holes. It took me two weeks for my lazy butt to decide to.

Plaid Pencil

This was sort of a refashion. I pulled apart a dress I didn’t like and used the fabric to make a skirt. So I shopped for fabric in my own closet…yup. Now I’m sure you’re thinking if it was a dress you cut off the top part add a waistband and boom! Skirt. Yeah, no. When the dress is cheap and the plaid doesn’t match-up you need to tear it all apart and start new.

skirt left

See. Matching. I have a black pencil skirt that I used as a pattern for my new one. When I say pattern, I pretty much just needed to know how wide to make it and how to curve from the hips through the thighs.


One great thing about the dress, it had a lining so I used it again in the skirt. Plaid, stretchy fabric and tights don’t mix. By the time I would walk all the way into work, I would end up with a belt.


The waistband on the skirt ended up being really thin. Not really a big deal because I don’t tuck my shirts in. If for some reason I changed my mind, a wide belt would suffice to cover the weirdness.

skirt front

Decently easy project to put together. Plus I was really needing more cold weather skirts. I’m such a skirt girl anymore. Yay for no pants days!