Yikes, Stripes

Do you ever sit down to write a blog post (if you have a blog) and everything sounds horrible? Why would I start out with this? That’s not exciting or enough to capture someone’s attention. I’m having that moment right now. I’m going to keep typing and we’ll see if we find ourselves in the end.

I had leftover fabric (again) from another project I made. That other project was baby clothes. No, I’m not pregnant. (yuck!) The clothes were for a friend of mine. She’s a fellow cat lady and this is her second kiddo. It’s a girl and who wouldn’t like to make a mini sized dress? Mini stuff is so cool. Expect mini humans… yuck…

I guess we could talk about the baby clothes first. I mean, why not? I seem to be meandering through this post anyways. Let’s get sidetracked!

I found a few free patterns for baby stuff. I’m a little wary about free patterns because sometimes they are just a hot mess. I know nothing about babies so if it comes out the complete wrong size, I’m not going to know any better. Having said that, these patterns come from Brindille & Twig . I chose the Ringer Tee and the Bummies. Which I don’t like that name “bummies”. What does that even mean? I called them scootie pants. I’m not even sure if that’s any better… So my thought was to take the ringer tee and expand it to look more like a dress. Pretty much like making an a-line skirt.

The shirt was easy.  I extended and expanded like I planned. I even cut a little strip to add at the bottom for a ruffle.  Also, quick planning on my part. If this kid comes out a boy, that’s okay because we’ll just chop off the bottom.  None the wiser, ya know?

The scootie pants, I made as is. You need something to cover the diaper right? I don’t know… I just assume you wouldn’t want to see that. Wait I lied. I didn’t make them “as is” because there’s a little drawstring.  I didn’t add that. These are so small that I can’t imagine needing to strangle the baby’s mid-section with a drawstring.  I know I don’t like that tight, chubby feeling.  I’m sure it’s the same for babies.

Okay, now onto the real reason I was writing this post. I made a shirt for me. The fabric I bought for the baby stuff was so cute that I couldn’t pass up making myself something from it too. Let me tell you, that I really squeaked this one out. Btw, fabric came for Joann Fabrics and yes, I had a coupon.

The pattern is the Briar Tee from Megan Nielsen Patterns. The thing I do not like about this pattern is the super low scoop neck. I feel that it flops all over the place and it pisses me off. I bend over and lookie! There’s my bra. No, just no. Needless to say, I always change the neckline of this pattern when I use it.

I think I was still vibing off the baby ringer dress that I ended up making myself a ringer-tee too. I do love ringers though so it’s not super big surprise that’s where my brain went. I made the bands for the arms a little smaller than the width of the fabric and it gave it a little bit of poof. Not intended, but I’m not mad at it.

There really isn’t much more to say than KITTIES!!!

To finish off a post about kitties, here’s one of mine: Freckles aka Fluffy Tail.

Purrfect Holiday

Making Hubby a shirt has been high on my list for quite some time. I picked up a couple patterns a while ago of two different man button downs. I just needed to find fabric that he would like and I could get down to business. With the holiday coming up what could possibly be a better reason? Plus there’s a ton of fun fabric. I had Hubby picked out a fabric. I was surprised/not surprised by his choice. If you’ve read any of my posts prior to this one, you’ll have a high probability of finding one of my furry children. With our little quirky family in mind, you too will understand his fabric choice.

I chose to go with Simplicity 8180 as my pattern. It doesn’t have separate pieces for the button placket or a yoke on the back. I didn’t want to break up the pattern more than I have to. Plus I haven’t gotten the whole “pattern matching” thing mastered. So that brings me to his fabric choice.

It’s kittens!  Rows and rows of little kittenheads in stockings. He’s such a goober. I figured if I couldn’t get their faces to match properly, I could at least get the rows of stockings to line up.

This pattern is super basic… and weird. The collar doesn’t have a stand. It’s one big collar piece. The button placket doesn’t have extra fabric to fold over. Instead it has a big extra piece (front facing) that I could see using if maybe you let the shirt hang open and there would be more kitten cuteness on the inside. Hubby isn’t Fabio so that’s not happening so I created Frankenstein pieces.

For the collar, I grabbed my B5526 pattern and crafted a better collar and collar stand. Kittens when it’s down and when it’s popped.

I added another 3″ to the front piece where the buttons should go so I could fold it over twice at 1 1/2″ for the button placket. I also used one of his favorite button downs to take a few measurements from it. Hubby is a thin guy so even the small was a big tent on him. I had to take about 2″ from both the front and back pieces at the chest and grade it down to nothing at the bottom with a very slight curve in the middle.

I took 1 1/2″ from each shoulder edge otherwise the seam would have rolled down to his bicep and I really can’t stand that. With the change in the shoulder and sides, I also changed the arm scythe by dropping the bottom about 5/8″ for more movement. To keep the sleeves from being big floaty things I took out a little over an inch and graded down to nothing at the wrist. Well that didn’t work so I took off even more (3/4″) around the elbow and graded down to about 1/4″ off at the wrist.

The problem with this is not having enough space at the wrists. The pattern calls for two pleats at the cuff. Only doing one solved this problem. Thankfully!!! I also had to hack off quite a bit of the length of the shirt. It was a tunic veering towards dress on him. Hacking off 2 1/2″ did the trick. Phew!


I’ve adjusted all the pattern pieces so the next shirt I make him won’t require me finding him, “Try this on” and stalking off to make adjustments. The thing I want to fix on the next shirt will be a smaller neck. After all the altering and measuring I did, I completely forgot to adjust that. I think the collar can be a bit smaller in width too. It looks a bit too big.

Now he has all the holiday kittens he can handle. I asked for his best kitten pose and this is what I got. Majestic Freckles is at it again. This the happiest shirt I think I’ll ever make!

Scrappy Cat Bed

Last Saturday, I think Hubby and I lost our minds. We stopped into the pet store to pick up just a few items. Long story short we’ve adopted two little orange tiger kittens. What makes this so bonkers is that we have two cats already at home. We are officially out-numbered!

The twins have a hand-me-down sleepy cube from the big cats. The bad thing about the cube is that it’s way to light and the twins love to play in it. The cube starts under the computer desk and migrates around the computer room. I’m a bit of a spazz and them moving it from the original designated spot drives me crazy! So I decided to make them one with a heavy base so it won’t travel all around the room. Like all my best ideas it came to me in the wee hours of the morning.

I have some left over MDF from a few other projects so it would be the perfect weight. I also have so much fabric in my stash that using some for a project such as this is probably a good way to cut it down. I chose to use corduroy for the outside (my fav fabric) and chevron broadcloth for the inside. The bottom piece is 15″ x 15″ which is just an inch bigger than their current cube. It’s height is 15″ too.

Here’s all the fabric pieces. The side pieces are rounded triangles for a tent look. The two front pieces have a triangle opening. I was getting down to the nitty gritty with the chevron fabric and that’s why the front section has a backwards piece. No one except the twins will notice it and I’m sure they won’t tell.

I sewed up all four sides for both the inside and outside. You can really see that glaring piece that’s wrong. Just ignore it! I know it’s difficult but work with me. It’s like the mole from Austin Powers! MOLE!! 😆
Anyways…You can see the tent shape start to form in both of these pics.

I used a different color of corduroy on each side because I didn’t have enough for all four sides and it looks way more fun multi-colored. A little circus tent like. Cue the music!

To start to bring the ins and outs together, I sewed the front entrance together. I put the wrong sides together and top-stitched around the entrance. Then stitched in the ditch along the seams. It looks pretty sad. I sat it on my iron so you could see the shape.

I stuffed all the sides. The stuffing gave the tent shape and a bit of structure. I sewed all the sides about 1 3/4″ from the bottom to keep the stuffing in place. That extra fabric is going to wrap around the MDF and get stapled to the bottom. I also sewed up two squares to make the bed part and stuffed it as well.

This is the bed stapled into place. It’s quite squishy. By the way, totally Hubby’s arm. Mine didn’t turn mannish. At least, not that I’m aware of.

After stapling the bed on the sides of the MDF it’s time to staple the tent onto the bottom. Having one stapled in the sides and the other stapled on the bottom helped from having staples collide.

Last thing to do was cover up all the staples with the last square of fabric. I used Aileen’s Tacky Glue to fasten it to the bottom.

This is the final product. Not too bad for a “wake you up from a dead sleep” kind of inspiration.

Lastly, a couple pics of the twins. Trying to get their picture is ridiculous because they never hold still! So the first is Frankie about to chew on the bed. But that’s okay because the whole thing is squishy except the base.

The second is Felix whose on his way out of the bed. Neither in the posing mood I guess.