Tin Man Anniversary

This week is my 10 year wedding anniversary. Tin is the 10 year anniversary present. Sad not so clever title. Hey, I tried! Oddly enough this outfit didn’t start out as an anniversary outfit. The more I thought about making the shirt the more perfect it all seemed. Why?

Because the shirt is made from the wrap from my wedding dress. I never actually wore the wrap but an unused rectangle of fabric is a prime opportunity for a new sewing project. It deserves new life.

I chose the Colette Sorbetto pattern for my shirt. One because I love the pattern and two because there really isn’t much fabric in a wrap. The fabric is a really stiff satin. There’s not a lot of give to the fabric so I had to be sure to cut a size that would be easy to slide on and off. I did have an issue when I was cutting the fabric. The height of the rectangle wasn’t tall enough unless I wanted a belly shirt. I’m so not a belly shirt kind of girl. There was now a choice to be made. Do I add a band around the bottom or do I create a yoke? I was afraid how big of a border I would need on the bottom and I don’t recall ever creating a yoke so why not?

I measured from the shoulder down the front to where an appropriate place for a seam to be. High enough to land at the bottom of the straps but not right across the bust would be best. I ended up with four pieces instead of the typical two. I sewed my yoke pieces to the bottom pieces first. As I mentioned before, the fabric is very stiff so I topstitched the seam down to sit flat. I did this for both the front and back. I added the bust darts on the front and sewed the twos pieces together.

At this point I decided to try it on. It did not look good. There was a lot of twisting and shifting to get the shirt on and it fit fine but the bust darts and the seam from the yoke was too much.

I pulled out some of the bust darts and made it shorter. It was alright. I ripped out a bit more of it so the seams were on the side. Visually this helped so much!

I finished the shirt with self made bias on the neckline, arms and hem.  The shirt was a little long but it looked fine. I tried it on after finishing the skirt and I ended up cutting an additional 2″ off the bottom because it was smashing some of the skirt’s poof.

imageTo go along with my shirt I needed a skirt. I bought several yards of a flamingo colored chiffon from SAS Fabrics. It was in a sale bin and I couldn’t help myself. I decided a skirt with an elastic waist band would be easy enough. I purchased an orange jersey to use as the lining.  I had plenty of wide elastic on hand.

I cut the chiffon in half since the chiffon was so wide and I wanted a knee length skirt. I stitched the two pieces together to have a full skirt. I hemmed the bottom and fed fishing line through as I stiched. I had seen this done somewhere online to give fabric a curvy hem.

The hardest part is feeding the elastic, chiffon and jersey through the serger. To prep I gathered the chiffon and pinned my three layers together. Here’s the hard part. Not only having each layer caught in your stitches but also stretching as you sew.  It’s quite a slow process.

Once your done you have a great twirly, light skirt. Freckles is mesmerized.

All together I have the perfect outfit to go out to dinner and celebrate 10 years with Hubby.

2nd Blogiversary

Originally I wasn’t going to write an anniversary post. I’m still doing the same thing, I’m trying to get better and I wish I was faster. I think that’s all the typical things you’ll find most sewists would say. Then I thought, I’ve been doing this for 2 years now. What really does the normal person stick to for 2 years? Cutting out soda, trying something new at least once a week, exercising (ack!)? Most of these things people have trouble sticking to. You know why? Because it’s hard to commit to something you don’t like. But I LOVE to sew. I love to create things! All the things! So why am I avoiding celebrating that!?!

Let the celebration commence!

Best pic I’ve ever posted by the way…

Even though this post is a few weeks late, let’s take a look back over the past year.

Number of posts: 24 That’s pitiful! I swear I’ve been busier than that. Maybe that’s because I’m a tad slow.

Items made: 21 How do I have more posts than makes? That would be Me-Made-May’s weekly round-ups.

New patterns used: 4 I found this number interesting because most of my makes are not repeat patterns (I’m looking at you Sorbetto) it’s self-drafted stuff. Weird right?


Favorite item: This is almost like choosing your favorite child. I’m going to go with the item that gets the most wear. So not only is it a fav but it’s dead useful. Blackout Sorbetto, you are my fav. Your fabric is great and your plain, black fabric, that doesn’t wrinkle, goes with everything.


Most hated sew: Hands down that would be Vogue 9001 aka You Dirty Rat. I get so many compliments on the dress and it’s fun to wear (drinking + spinning is fun! weeeee!!!) but you really pissed me off and made me question myself as a sewist. How rude!

A few side items: I participated in my second Me-May-May! You can read all about it in my recap here. I bought a new sewing machine but I’ll talk a bit more about that in my next post. (Shhh… It’s Jamie Jeans by Named)

Goals for the next year: Continue being awesome. Hehe Try some new patterns and techniques. Flat fell seams, Hong Kong seams and all the other weird jazz I hear everyone else talk about.

It’s been a great year in blogging/sewing for me. I’m happy to have the great sewing connections that I have. Fellow bloggers are great, inspiring, talented, and above all encouraging! There’s been so many times I’ve felt defeated and a fellow blogger has said something in a post or directly to me that has helped my sewing mojo. For that, I am thankful! Thanks to all the people that read my little blog. I’m glad you’re sticking it out with me. It’s been an interesting journey and I’m sure there will be many more fascinating ventures for us to go through together.


1st Blogiversary

Disclaimer: some of this post, okay a majority of it was written while intoxicated. I guess I really love my blog to think about it when no other thoughts come clearly to me.

Happy anniversary to me! It has been a whole year. 1 whole year. 365 days! I’m amazed with how quickly the time has flown by.

Why did I start this blog? Well I started it to keep track of all my Jamie-made stuff. I think I make a lot of stuff then in reality when you start tracking everything you realize that there’s not that much. I’m lazy. What the heck. Other people are turning out two posts a week. How? What kind of sewing magic do you possess?

I’m also trying to learn. There’s a big difference between RTW cloths and hand-made clothes. I want my clothes to look kind of ready to wear but not so cheap and factory made by the thousand.

I really do enjoy this blog. I like writing about what I make, the infuriating parts of sewing as a newbie (zips, instructions, ripping everything apart a zillion times) even though I lie to people and say I’m an intermediate sewist. The only part I really find trying of the blog is the pictures. Are there enough? Are there too many? What the hell is that face I’m making?

Hopefully this year will be better than the last. I’ve got a better handle on the whole blog thing. I participated in my first Me-Made-May. I made a pair of pants. Which I still need to totally make more. I’ve bought the Jamie Jeans pattern. Which, hello! I’m Jamie so I need the jeans pattern intended for me! So hopefully we’ll see that soon.

What else does this year have in store? Well a big move across country but we can talk about that more later. A lot more sewing hopefully a better selection of fabrics. My bestie lives in LA and I heard they have a killer fabric district.

Can I also say I’m terribly jealous of Lladybird and all her bras? Totally strange comment but her bra making skills are crazy! Buying cheap, crappy bras that last a few months isn’t doing it for me.

Lots of random thoughts, but exciting none the less. I know I talk a lot about my sewing but there’s always a few odds and ends thrown in. Pinterest: Success or Fail are some of my favorites to do. Is it bad when I enjoy that things go badly? I think it makes the post much more interesting with my ranting and raving.

Hopefully some more crafts. The last big one I did was the River Song diary. I just haven’t been inspired lately to make something in that realm of making.

Big thanks goes out to everyone that follows me, checks in frequently (or not so frequently) or accidentally stumbled onto my blog on their way to someplace else! Can’t wait for another year of crafty fabulousness!!!