Let’s Get Physical

Who doesn’t love a little Olivia Newton John? “Let’s get physical, physical I wanna get phhyyssical.” What a great song about working out. Not a double entendre or anything. Let’s put on our spandex, leg warms and headbands get through this post!

I’m really trying hard to work through my stash. About a month ago, I organized my stash (still organized btw) and came across a good amount of spandex I had left over. I have made workout capris in the past but I could really use some shorts and the amount of fabric I have is perfect.

I used my workout pants pattern. Mostly recently used in creating my Doctor Who pjs. Which I love and wear all the time. You can find the instructions by Cal Patch. There is some math involved in creating this pattern, but it’s so worth it! Custom made leggings peeps!

I used my serger on all the seams. It helps keep things stretchy. No one wants a butt cheek popping out because you broke all your stitches. Imagine that in yoga class. I have a feeling you would be asked not to return.

I turned up the hem about 1″ on each leg and used a double needle. I stretched the fabric a bit as I sewed so I wouldn’t pop any stitches. If I would have done a smaller hem, it have flipped and rolled up as I wore them. Talk about annoying!

How weird is it that the pattern on both of the legs match on the back? Totally did not mean for that! Then I got super excited so yay for unexpected fun things.

I love that the rise is higher in the back. No plumber butt when doing squats. Are you guys seeing a pattern here? I’m super worried about things showing suddenly; butt cheeks, butt crack…or I’m worried about my largest asset.  Get it? Ass-et.


You can see the shorts are not too short and not too long. I think the problem with my RTW shorts is that they’re too short. They cut into the middle of my thigh fat and roll up. My shorts sit below the fat so they stay where they belong. Totally don’t take that comment as me body-shaming myself. Nope, it’s just a fact I have squishy thighs guys.

Feeling strong with my snazzy new shorts! I’ve been wearing the crap out of them. So comfy! And who doesn’t love new workout wear? I think it helps motivate. Outta my way, time to go sweat.



  1. These cute shorts would definitely motivate me to work out! I admit, I’ve been really bad about not working out lately (one or two sessions of yoga a week, if that… which I guess isn’t too bad, LOL) because of work stress and being exhausted when I get home. I haven’t been to the gym in ages and I feel guilty! Maybe if I make myself a new pair of shorts like you, I’ll have motivation and energy to go!

    P.S. I agree with that length being the perfect length! I made my Fry shorts about that length and find they don’t ride up at all.

    1. Keeping up with working out is so hard! It’s like telling yourself not to eat junk food. I see it I want it. Would I rather sew or sit on the couch with the fuzzies instead of working out? Yes!
      RTW shorts are obviously made for girls without thighs.

      1. Haha I literally went to the gym the day after I saw your post and haven’t been back since. #thestruggleisreal #fuzzycouchtimeisthebest

  2. Awesome funky shorts, they look fab on!! This’s seams look great too. I can’t get away with shirts as I have the nobbliest knees around 😂 Not a good look.

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