Paisley Park

Will there ever be a time that I get tired of making Colette Sorbettos? Will there be a time that you get tired of seeing me make Sorbettos? Let’s hope that’s a no on both accounts because I love me some Sorbettos!!!

I’m still stash busting with a ton of success. I had a bit of this teal, paisley ITY jersey knit fabric. I turned it this way and that until I could figure out how to squeeze out a shirt. I had to cut the back in two pieces. I was still able to add a bit of length and create a curved hem. My two absolute musts with this pattern.

So what’s different about this version compared to all my others? The way I finished off the edges! Last year I cut up a t-shirt and made it into a tank top. I finished the edges by checking out my favorite RTW tank top. I decided to do the same finishing on this shirt. It gives a nicer edge than just folding over the edge and top stitching.

When I was cutting my pieces out, I made sure to add around 5/8″ to the neck, hem and armscye. Take the 1″ edge of the shirt. Fold that edge in half.

Fold that in half towards the front.

Stitch the edge. I did two separate rows on this shirt. On my first shirt, I used my twin needle. I think that looks better than what I ended up with on this shirt. It’s a little wonky in some areas. The fabric slipped around on me a bit.  I did pick red thread for top stitching. There’s a smidge of red on the fabric so I thought it would be a nice highlight. It’s really not noticeable. I probably should have doubled up on the thread for it to show more.

Smug Face!

Another Sorbetto completed! That makes 9? I think? I’m not even sure anymore! There’s no end in sight. I think I should try for a dress next. It keeps popping up in my head so it just means it has to happen. By the way, Colette is having a giveaway. You need to make a Sorbetto, tag it on Instagram (#colettesorbetto) and hope that you’re picked! The game is over at noon PST on Thursday, April 13. It’s a quick sew and the pattern is free!



  1. This one is so cute! I love the colors and this would translate well for the office, too.

    You should seriously be the official spokeswoman for the Sorbetto. All of the ones you make look great on you and.. wow… 9!! I need to catch up to you with some more Monetas, lol!

    P.S. Those nails are on FIYAH! ❤

    1. I totally wore this on Monday and hastily took pics Wednesday night since the giveaway was closing. I was really surprised at how well the shirt went with grey pants. Rocked it with a pink sweater at work. (Obviously!) You know what’s sad, is when you have 9 Sorbettos and you still feel like you hardly have any. I’m actually wearing one right now. lol it’s just not enough!
      I love your Monetas! I really need to make more dresses. The next item on my desk is a dress. Hopefully the bug will bite me for more! Or you making another Moneta will get me in the spirit. 😉
      Nice noticing the nails! I’m happy that they got snapped in all their glory. 😃

      1. I think it might be time to check you into Sorbetto Obsessors Anonymous, lol! It’s OK, I’m not judging. 😉 Was this one made with the old pattern or the new? Looks like the old one as the fit is magical on you.

      2. Haha I would totally go and not shut up about Sorbettos! It’s how I am any time I talk about sewing. The normal person is always so sorry if they get me started. It’s totally the old pattern! I can’t do the new one and be happy. Keep with what works right?

  2. How ingenious to use jersey on a Sorbetto! I always thought it was more of a linen shirt. What with the new edits, I think I’ll be making quite a few soon! Love the colors!!

    1. Thank you! This is not my first go with jersey for a Sorbetto. I used it on some jammies earlier this year. It really does give it a different feel but keeps the same look. Love it!

  3. Super top, it feels so good to get a top out of left overs!! Great way of edging too. When you find a pattern that fits you perfectly I think you make as many as you can 😊

    1. Thank you! I have so many leftovers but it’s rare to have enough to squeeze out a shirt. I’m going to have to get super creative with others.

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