Creepy McCreeper

Some of my best makes start off with a story. This is me warning you I’m about to tell you a story.

I was having a creepy day at work. No one was giving me side eye or following me around. No no, it was me! Complimenting co-workers on their amazing biceps in a way you think is not creepy but after it escapes your mouth everyone else thinks you’re creepy.

Yup, that’s me! *waives hand* Hiiiiiii, I’m creepy. One of the fun things about being a sewist is creeping on what people wear. When you see someone wearing something you like, sometimes you want to copy it. Even if she’s located in the cube right next to you and there’s a possibility that you may end up twinning one day. Yay twins!

What does this story mean for you? It means a new make from me! The inspiration shirt was a raglan shirt with  floral sleeves and a rounded hem. The body of the shirt was charcoal grey. My immediate thought was of my leftover floral fabric I have from my first toaster sweater.

I purchased grey hacci fabric from Stylish Fabric that was supposed to be a thick sweater knit that I wanted to make into an awesome pullover sweater comfy sweatshirt kind of thing. Again, I was misled by an online fabric store. Seriously, I need to start ordering swatches!

How am I replicating this shirt? Sew House 7’s Toaster Sweater pattern of course! I usedthe pattern piece that I created when I made my first Toaster Sweater. Which incorporated the raglan sleeves and split hem.


This one has the raglan sleeves, crew neck and longer length. Which is a mix of sweater 1 and 2. I shortened the length of the sleeves to 3/4 and created a round hem by using a pattern piece from B5526.


The grey fabric loves to curl at the ends. I tried to get the fabric to lay flat. I serged the edge and turned it over and stitched. I did it once more and the edge looks nice but still wants to turn.


I did a couple different colors when I was topstitching. The grey areas, I used a black thread. For the floral areas, I used cream. You can see it the best along the neck line.

I did go a size down to a small. It’s still roomy and comfy.  You can tell when I stand scarecrow style. It looks fine when I stand normal though. The grey is a bit see through. When I wear this to work it does require another shirt beneath it.


It turned out so similar to her RTW shirt. Hers is a tunic length but everything else is a match. I don’t have a pic of her shirt but what do you need that for? Mine is awesome enough for the both of us! I have named it my Lyndy Shirt in her honor.


  1. At first I thought you jumped on the Linden train, but I’m surprised to see this is a Toaster! This is super cute and I love anything floral and grey. I am so with you on the creeper-twin train. I noticed one of my coworkers wears a black and white gingham shirt to work almost every Tuesday, so my b/w gingham shirt dress was inspired by him. Of course I wore it on a Tuesday and we all got a good laugh about the twinning. 😉

    1. I’ve been trying to get better use out of the patterns I own. Toaster Sweater is one that is so easily changeable. I think it’s helping to make me a better sewer because I’m really thinking and planning ahead on each garment.
      I love that you purposely twinned! That is so something I would do. It may be a weird surprise for them but you get so excited by what you made! Sometimes they get the excitement you have for them inspiring you. Other times you have entered the creepy zone.

      1. You’re not becoming a better sewer… you’re becoming a FASHION DESIGNER, DAHHHLING! It is great to tweak a pattern to the max to get the most use out of it! I’m noticing lots of bloggers seem to be in panic-mode of “gotta sew my stash! no more buying patterns!” I know I’m one… yet I still buy stuff, lol! #yolo

  2. I’m am clothes stalker 😀 I love people watching and have to refrain from taking photos of them so I don’t forget their outfit (are photos a step to far??) most of my creations are inspired by others either in real life or online. I’m a total copycat!! Your top is fab, the floral looks great with the floral fabric.

    1. I have not taken pictures of people’s clothing yet. I love that idea! I think if I ask to take someone’s picture it might be better than me doing it secretively. That might be my step too far. Buttttt….if it’s someone I don’t know I may be more comfortable doing it creepy style. I like this. 😏

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