Repeating Pattern

My sewing life has been on repeat lately. Multiple pairs of Thurlow shorts have been made over the summer. I’m currently working on my third pair of Jamie Jeans. But I don’t think there’s been another pattern that has me smitten as fast as the one in this post. What pattern is that you ask? Well if you’ve been following my blog you might think it’s Butterick 5526. I have been turning out quite a few of those. In actuality, it’s the Sorbetto pattern by Colette.

342 days ago I made my first Sorbetto. I’ve now completed my sixth. That’s the same pattern six times in less than a year. I think I may be obsessed. Take a look below at all my versions.

1 Nerdy Sorbetto, 2 Blackout Sorbetto, 3 Pillowcase Sorbetto, 4 To Be or Not To Be Sorbetto, 5 10th Anniversary Sorbetto, 6 Repeating Pattern Sorbetto

How come I love this pattern so much? It’s fast, easy, comfortable and I don’t have to make it the same way twice. Let’s talk about number 6 shall we?

This one started with “$2 for 1 yard of colorful fabric? Yes please!” I picked up 1 whole yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby in the clearance, end of bolt section. I knew immediately what to make with my tiny scrap of fabric. However, I did want to make this one different from my previous ones. I wanted to add a couple pleats to the neck line. It would make the top more airy and add a bit of visual interest.

I cut out the back bit first. Then I started on the front. Crap! The fabric isn’t wide enough to account for extra fabric for pleats. That idea went out the window. Oh well, a regular Sorbetto still makes me happy. When I say regular that means all my typical adjustments. Scooped hem, 1″ removed from the center top and then grade down from the narrower top to the bottom. Think a-line skirt.

I did have enough fabric leftover to make my own bias tape. Since the fabric is so colorful I figured making bias tape from the same fabric would be best. I haven’t had the bias tape show since my first Sorbetto so why not on this top?

The bust dart really hides well in this busy fabric. You can see the bias tape in this shot too. It doesn’t hide but I think it blends really well. How can the colors not make you happy? I think I was in major need of something colorful! I’ve been so stuck making black or grey because they go with everything.

Check out those creases. Lookin’ good! I’m sure it’s from sitting in my chair at work. But look no bra straps! Possibly another reason to like this shirt. No criss cross bra. No strapless bra. Good old regular bra friendly.

Oh by the way, did I mention this is my 6th one and I’m super stoked? Love me some Sorbettos! Is there a pattern that you love as much as I love this one?


  1. You’re about to catch up to me with my 8 (last 2 soon to be blogged) Monetas! Colette seems to have a way with having us make the same thing over and over. No complaints here! How many more Sorbettos do you think you’ll make by the end of next year? 😉

    1. Oh! See now I have a goal. I have to catch up to you. So let’s say I need to make 8 before the year is over. 🙂 You really can’t be upset about a pattern and pattern company that makes good patterns, easy to follow instructions and gives you the need to keep making their patterns. Love it!

      1. Yes, do 8! Then I’ll feel the need to be competitive and make even more Monetas, lol! Ohhh I need more room in my closet! I look forward to your #7 and #8!

  2. Your 6th is fab, it fits so well and the fabric is great, very funky! I tried this pattern a couple years ago when I was new to sewing and it didn’t fit well, I should give it another go now I’m more experienced, yours looks perfect.

    1. You really should! My first one didn’t fit that great. It doesn’t stop me from wearing it. I realized the pattern is made for some with a bit wider shoulders than me. That’s why I take out the 1″ at the top but I need it at the bottom to fit my caboose. Plus it doesn’t take a ton of fabric and it’s only two pattern pieces. Love simplistic patterns.

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