It’s a Cinch!

Some things are super easy for me to make. It happens fast, smoothly and before I know it, project completed. That’s how my new corduroy bag went. I mentioned previously that I have a love for corduroy. This is the third bag I made but in total I have 5 and a change purse. They all have a patchwork look to them. Unfortunately, the ones I make don’t have the incense smell the others do when you buy them from the hippy, trippy store. I love that smell…

I decided I needed (wanted) this bag because I use those little drawstring/cinch bags on my lunch every day. I’m a wanderer during my hour lunch and those bags are really easy for me to toss my stuff in and go. The problem with the bags I use, is that they’re cheap so they fall apart and are a bit too small for all my roaming essentials.

The typical size for a drawstring bag is around 14″ X 18″. I cut my corduroy into 3″ X 3″ squares. With 6 columns and 8 rows, mine should equate to 15″ X 20″ with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Everyone following? I had to use my calculator to calculate. 🙂

The process is simple: make all the rows, connect them together and have 1 front and 1 back. I knew I wanted to add in a pocket for my cell in the seam. I made a pocket (sorry no photo) similar to a pocket for pants. Once that was stitched in, I sewed the front and back together leaving the top open.

I made a lining with two cotton rectangles sewn together on three sides. There needs to be a tube at the top for the drawstring to go through. I made one more row of blocks and then chopped it in half length wise. I sewed this to the top of the bag. Before completing the tube, there needs to be a couple holes for the string to come out of because not only does it cinch the bag but it’s also the arm straps. I made large button holes, two on each side of the main bag.

The “string” is made of 1″ corduroy strips. The strips are sewn together on one side then pressed in half and 1/4″ of the raw edges turned in and pressed again. I topped stitched the turned edges and original stitched side. The finished “string” is 1/2″ wide. To figure out the length of each “string” you take the 2x height + 2x width. So that makes each 70″.

I fed the “string” through the proper holes and decided to connect them to the bottom of the bag through the seam. Trusty seam ripper to the rescue! I ripped out just enough to push both ends through side by side.  I stitched the holes shut with two rows of stitching for security.

At this point, I added my name to the top of the bag. Ya know, just because. Then turned down the top half row and stitched the edge creating the tube. I made sure to push the bag lining up high enough to catch in the downturn. The thing is you have to be uber careful not to catch the drawstring. Slow and steady!

That’s it! She’s done and she’s glorious. I love it when things turn out that quick and exactly how I hoped. I mean look at how even those rows are. Thank you 1/4″ foot!


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