It’s Raining Men

My mom liked to complain when I first heavily got into sewing that I didn’t make her anything. I eventually caved and made her a small bag for Xmas back in 2012. Since she was coming out to visit I decided to make her something as a surprise/early Xmas present. It’s expensive to ship stuff!

I got the idea for this present last year while out shopping for fabric for my Holiday Skirt. The fabric caught my eye in a total “giggle until I want to pee my pants” kind of way. I knew I needed to buy some of it and make something for mom. I’m a sick person and I also like to amuse myself. So what’s so special about this fabric?

It’s man fabric! lol Dude, they have hair south of the border too! I bought this at Jo-Ann’s. No dirty store required!

I am a mischievous little sewist but also a practical one. I decided to make a reversible bag. Nice and simple on one side and gigolos on the other. I made a pattern that resembles a brown paper lunch bag. Simple and quick to sew up. As soon as I got the man fabric assembled (man bag as I kept calling it), I kept giggling like a nut.

I mean LOOK AT IT! Men everywhere!

I don’t know if I’ve ever had this much fun sewing a fabric. The outside was just as quick but no giggles. I didn’t use any interfacing because the tan fabric is home decor fabric so it’s pretty hefty on its own.  I slipped the men inside the tan bag (haha) and created a bit of bias tape to stitch across the top. Tan fabric on one side and navy on the other. My goal was for it to not look like it had another side. I even took special care to match up the light tan fabric on the front and back to the light fabric bias tape. I’m pretty impressed with myself.

I was pretty happy with it as is but I wanted a button closure. I created two button holes and added a button on each side. I was even careful enough to use navy thread on the gigolo side and tan on the plain side. Pretty much you fold the top over and put the button through the two sides. Woot woot.

I hope she likes it! lol



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