To Be Or Not To Be…

That is the question when I look at my new Sorbetto by Colette. That’s number 4 thank you very much. Check it One, Two and Three. So why am I asking myself this question? Well, should it be an every day shirt or the start of a set of pajamas? I have enough fabric to make shorts to match or I could always use it for another project.

This fabric was purchased quite a while ago from Jo-Ann’s.  It’s another Red Line sale. I could not tell you want it is. I would assume some sort of polyester. It slick and slippery on the one side but a smidge rough on the back. That’s part of the reason I’m hesitant on pjs. Do I want something slightly rough on my skin when I’m supposed to be comfy and ready to sleep like a baby? The print is a little questionable for every day wear because it’s slightly old lady and will I feel like the lady with blue hair every time I wear it?

The construction of the shirt is very similar to my other versions except I went with the straight hem as the pattern shows. I did add 2″ to the bottom for extra length because I think the pattern is too short. I took out the center pleat and an extra 1″ from the center otherwise I think the neck is too big. I added the 1″ back to the bottom width and graded from the bottom of the arm to my new hem. It sounds like a lot but I got this down to a science yo!

I made my own bias tape of the same fabric for the arms and neck. I fold it to the inside so you don’t see it when it’s worn.  You can see it’s not perfect but it’s doing its job. I’ve only had the bias tape show on my first Sorbetto. I liked the contrast against the print.

So now it’s opinion time. Is it jammies or every day wear? I shall hold my breath waiting for responses.


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