Cuckoo for Coconuts

When you think coconuts you think Hawaiian right? No? Just me. Oh well segue that into Hawaiian print fabric.  I bought a super bright, flowery print from SAS Fabric in Phoenix. That store is amazing! I had to put about 3 or 4 bolts back because I was going a little crazy.

I picked the fabric specifically for Simplicity 1106 version D. I wanted more weekend clothes. Fun fabric and a twist on the t-shirt pattern seemed the perfect pair.

The pattern has a separate piece for the back yoke. I contemplated using a different fabric but I was worried about it looking too eye-catching and not being cohesive. The fabric has an edging that’s almost wide enough to fit the yoke pattern piece. If I would have thought about the seam allowance, I would have realized that I could have cut it a little differently and the edging would have fit perfectly without excess print. I did leave out the hole on the back of the shirt. I didn’t want to have a break in my awesome print. I had to grade the pattern from the bottom of the sleeves to wider at the hem. This is a typical adjustment I make on most patterns.

Check out that pattern match! I was really particular about making sure the pink flowers went straight down the front and back. This pattern comes together so fast. I’m normally a really slow sewer but it was done before I knew it.

I’m really happy with the neckline and my top-stitching. I did have issues with the hemming. The fabric is so light that when I hemmed it the fabric would fly out. It made the sleeves look like I was ready to take flight. I adjusted the hem on the sleeves to be a little deeper to give them more weight.

I can see myself making this pattern again. Like I mentioned it’s so quick to sew and there’s lots of ways to make each version different.



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