Blackout Sorbetto

There’s a couple repeat factors in this post. One is the fabric. You can see this fabric in my Black Workshirt B5526 post. The second is the pattern. It’s another Colette Sorbetto. I added a few tweaks. Just like last time I added a curved hem in the front and back. I made the back hem 2″ longer than the front. I didn’t add the little fold in the front. Actually I took 1″ out of the center from the front and back. Last time I made this shirt, I felt the straps were too far apart so my bra straps would peek out. I find that highly annoying. It also doesn’t stop me from wearing the shirt. I rock that guy about every other week.


Sorry for the poor pics. I ran outside after work to take the pictures and the lighting stunk. Obviously I was too lazy to take new pics of me wearing it inside. You can see the extended hem line in the back. The shirt isn’t as flowy as I was hoping for. When I took the 1″ out from the center of the front and back, my brain didn’t connect to the fact that that width would also be lost at the bottom. D’oh! When I make my third one it will be perfect, right?


Speaking of the back… I like the wide straps this shirt has. I can wear a regular bra. No cross back. No strapless. Regular, comfortable boobs bra. This workwear fabric is awesome. It’s light, soft and doesn’t get wrinkly. I need it in every color and they would all be beautiful Sorbettos.


Oh you’re taking my picture?

Okay! You gotta feel bad for Hubby, having to deal with this girl.

Here’s the me-made bias tape on the inside using the same fabric.

So a couple more things to take note of. This skirt I bought for cheap but the length was all wrong. I couldn’t walk. Not even a penguin waddle.

I took 3″ off the bottom and used my double needle to to hem it. I stretched the fabric as I sewed it. I was concerned about popping a hem when I took my first step.  I plan on making an awesome headband from the scrap piece. Or I can make a really indecent bandeau top. Might have to think on it.

The last item is the sequin bracelet. I wear a Fitbit and I have to say the bracelet is not stylish unless you want to spend $100 on a designer one. I bought a strip of sequins at Jo-Ann’s.
I used some spandex to create a little pocket for the tracker. I made sure to overlap it quite a bit so it’s secure in its new disco home. I’ve been wearing it periodically for a week so excuse the dry skin.
After I hand stiched the pocket I pulled off sequins on the ends and sergered it together. I hand sewed that down too so it wouldn’t agitate my wrist.

Talk about having a good me-made day!


  1. Repeats are the best! I love the “butt flap” you added to the Sorbetto. I like it better than the original pattern. And that jazzy wrist band is so cool! I agree the FitBits aren’t very stylish… you could start a trend with these wrist bands and sell them to the more fashionable healthy people. 🙂

    Oh, and I vote for indecent bandeau top for your skirt scrap. You’ll be thanking me come June, LOL!

    1. Butt flap. Haha The butt flap covers my butt crack when seated. Perfect name. There shall be no indecency at work! T
      he sequin wristband is better than I originally hoped it would be. I want it in silver and gold to coordinate with more clothes. It was a lunchtime make so totally worth the little bit of effort.
      Hmm… I’m still thinking about the bandeau top as in “dear god no one but my husband would want to see that. what could I possibly be thinking” kind of way. It would be super simple though…

      1. I live for butt flaps! All throughout college, the world saw my butt crack when I bent over。But(t) no more!

        The bandeau could work for next year’s Fail February… as a fail in public decency. But it would still be a win for your husband. 😉

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