Safari Simone

I have been on total radio silence for most of the month! I swear it’s not because I haven’t been sewing. I’ve been sewing a lot so prepare yourself for a flurry of posts.

You’ve already seen Simone by Victory Patterns hit my blog before, in skulls. My prior version was the shirt. This time I decided to go for the dress. I knew I wanted it in rayon because it’s so soft and drapey. I went to and picked up a giraffe print rayon. I’ve never owned any animal print (in my mind it equates to cougars in high heels and too tight clothes. Never said it was rational) but I thought I would give it a go. It’s a black and white print. When I received the fabric the white was a little too see through for my taste and I’m not big of a lot of white. So the only logical thing to do is to dye it!  I picked up some Rit in soft grey to get this white changed out.  My life long dream is not for the world to see my knickers.

Here’s an in process shot.  The fabric is sopping wet and ready for its dye bath.  Dye bath of doom!  It’s quite the large wad ball so it did unfortunately take the whole bottle of dye.  I’m cheap and it’s nice to have some dye on hand, ya know just because, but in the end it came out looking awesome! Upset, cheapskate feelings diminished.

Since I’ve completed the Simone before, I wasn’t too worried about construction.  The only adjustment I planned to make was the length of the dress.  The over shot of the model has a hem a little shorter than I like.  When I cut the pattern out I added about 3 inches to the overall length.  I’m also not a fan of the high/low look but that’s a final adjustment for later.
I do recall when I was making my first Simone that I had problems with the bib portion of the shirt.  It’s a bit finnicky and you have to make sure that you have the proper sides together otherwise the bib doesn’t flip out right.  In my “oh so careful ways” I still messed it up.  Whoops.  At least I hadn’t attached it to the dress yet!

The rest of the dress is pretty easy sewing.  I did have an incident with one of the arm holes.  I ended up sewing it a total of 4 times because it either didn’t fit right or look right. Oh well..shit happens.

I wore the dress to work with a cardigan and boots.  Really felt like a middle aged woman in crisis. I would have preferred some wedge sandals but it’s still a smidge too cold for that in Arizona.  To my surprise I immediately garnered compliments on my outfit.  Specifically having the dress pointed out! Go me!  Nothing revs my sewing engines more than compliments about JamieMade stuff.

After wearing the dress for a day I have to say the rayon made the dress feel like a nightgown and I mean that in the best way possibly.  It’s so light and soft.  Just the appidamy of comfort!


The dress does flow away from the body a lot and I was worried about that fact because I do have some wide baby birthing hips.  I have seen it belted (lladybird) but it wouldn’t do well for me.  I’m okay with it’s floatiness and don’t feel like a pregnant giraffe.  Only issue I do foresee is that I used the stretch rayon as the bias tape for the arm holes.  It’s going to stretch out throughout the day.  Which you can kinda see in this pic because I think I’m pulling it down a bit. I might purchase clear stabilizing tape and stitch that in there.


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