Happy New Year! Blog Review

Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time to check out my sewing goals and my hits/misses from the past year. 

These weren’t technically goals but things I had in mind to do which is the same as goals right?

  • I’m making my very first muslin and it’s for pants. 😳 (so terrified of pants!). Totally nailed this one! Purple Thurlows anyone?
  • I bought satin fabric for some pajamas. Super girly, flowery pajamas! Well I started this one but became completely mad at the pattern I was using. The sizing was completely off but I guess that’s what you get with a free pattern. Eventually I’ll return to this because I have enough fabric leftover to begin again. Thank you red line sale at Jo-Ann’s. 
  • I’m sure there be more skirts because I love the “no pants” days. Skirts!!! The two most recent being my Halloween and Christmas skirt. 
  • Maybe I’ll even sew up something for Hubby. I did hem some pants for Hubby that counts right? It was sewing for him! Oh, and I fixed his feed bag handles. So yeah, I’m an awesome wife.
  • Then there’s always weird things that pop up during the year that requires something fun and creative. Those are typically fun and quick. The cutest and most useful pop-up of the year was my pin cushion rings. I use it all the time when I sew. Having my pins literally at hand makes things go so much faster. 


Simone in Skulls
Simone in skulls

I found this pattern’s bib a little difficult to put together. I’m sure part of that was the slippery fabric I was using too. The end result was too awesome so all the aggravation was worth it!

Pin Cushion Ring
Pin cushion ring

Like I mentioned before, those are dead useful. Enough said!

Purple Thurlows
Purple thurlows

Ah, my beauties! My first try at pants with the awesome purple suiting I picked up at Mood Fabrics in NY. Purple. Pants.


Black and Pink Plaid
Black and pink plaid

This shirt isn’t terrible I just don’t wear it all that often. It’s made with my fav pattern B5526 but I think my fabric choice wasn’t the best.

Apple-Oat Muffins
Apple-oat muffins

Not good. There’s no such thing as a good apple muffin. If anyone actually knows one, share with a girl!

Purple Thurlows
Bad thurlows

So how can it be on my hits and misses. Well the fabric gave out, that’s why! So weird and random. Suiting is made for a suit right? Does that not include pants? I don’t know if it’s even possible to save them. It hurts me to see them this way.

Goals for 2016!

New Thurlows. I have some silvery denim that would be great for this pattern. Hopefully they hold out better.

Jamie Jeans. I bought some stetch “denim” from Fabric.com especially for these. Then the fabric arrived and it’s so not denim. Oh well, it will be good practice for when I get the real stuff. Plus it’s navy blue so I’m thinking Han Solo pants.

Button down for Hubby. I want to make him a gawdy holiday shirt to go with my holiday skirt. It’ll be epic!

Well that sounds pretty jam packed to me! Two pairs of pants and a man shirt. But we both know that there will be a ton of other fun stuff coming!

Here’s to a great new year of sewing!


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