Halloween Pumpkin Skirt

Last year I was given a trio of fabric pumpkin napkins. The giver mentioned they would be great fabric for a skirt. How right they were!

Pumpkin Front Seam

I found simple instructions for taking your measurements for a simple A-Line skirt. There’s multiple sites and I checked out a few different instructions to see any variations. What it boils down to is measuring your waist, hips and the distance between. Add a few inches in the butt so you can sit down and then you have yourself a pattern.

Pumpkin Zipper

I completed my skirt in a few hours. The worst part was trying to figure out how to use the small amount of fabric. I had to use triangles left over from the sides of the back pieces for my front piece. Instead of having three pieces (two for back and one for front), I had five. I made sure the front seams went down the center of my thighs.

Pumpkin Full

I folded down the top to make the waist sit lower, added a zipper and hemmed the bottom. This was one of those projects that gave me the giggles when I was done. It’s just so cutesy and gaudy, that it’s absolutely fantastic.

 Pumkin Skirt

Pumpkin skirt with my pumpkin kitty Frankie! 



  1. This is a great idea to use holiday fabric! I have some Christmas fabric I’m scratching my head about and turning it into a skirt would work (if I have enough material). Your skirt came out so cute! And you have an orange cat, too! Frankie looks like my Tasso. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m glad the person that gave it to me suggested a skirt. I don’t think I would have thought to use it for that. I’m surprised Frankie doesn’t show up more often in my pictures. He tends to follow me everywhere I go.

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