Maroon Chiffon Flowiness

I bought some chiffon ages ago from Hancock Fabrics. It was the only time I had been there, mainly because it was nowhere near me. I bought the chiffon for maybe a $1/yd. I hadn’t done anything with it because I heard it’s a pain to deal with so I was a little scared. Plus I needed to get a lining for the fabric because it’s see-through. Only wearing panties do not count as something to wear under chiffon. I’m not that kind of girl. I ended up buying a lining, among other things, from I’ve bought other fabric from there before and haven’t been disappointed and I like their free shipping if you spend over $50 (I think). Spending that much is easy to do. Fabric is kind of addicting.


I decided I needed to make a super flowy maxi. Exactly what chiffon is made for, flowy! The plan is simple. Gather the lining and chiffon separately, then sew them to a band of elastic. Not too hard right? Problem is, I hate gathering fabric. I used my serger and set it to the stretchier fabric so it already starts to gather the fabric. Then it’s sit and watch tv while I gather it to the right size.


I serged the lining, chiffon and elastic all together on the edge of my wide band elastic. The hard part of this is you have to stack elastic, chiffon then lining. Why you say? When you flip the whole thing right side out the stitched edge is hid and you have an elastic waistband that shows.


Now I could hide it and make a proper band. That’s just too much for this. Plus I’m not really a shirt tucking kind of person so no one is going to see it anyways so ha!


Lastly, hemming. I did a rolled hem on my skirt but there’s a whole bunch of tutorials if you want to make a tiny little hem at the bottom. I like the extra weight from all the thread and I think it makes it move a bit differently.



I really love this skirt. It’s super girlie and princess like. I had an accident the first time I wore it! 😱 I dropped pasta with pesto on it. That’s oil guys!  I read to put baking soda on it to take out the oil. Well it did but somehow the color was removed too. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m not sure if you can spot dye chiffon. 


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