Capri Activewear Part Deux

My first pair of capris are great and still going strong. I had a second piece of spandex fabric that I bought to make a second pair. I finally decided to sit down and make them. This fabric has a panel repeating design. I had to be careful about cutting this fabric. I didn’t want it to look like there were magical colors shooting out my crotch or behind.

Mardi Gras Thigh
I cut the one leg with the design going all the way down the leg. It’s almost like Mardi Gras except there’s no beads at this party. Well maybe beads of sweat! The other leg ended up being plain black, well for the most part.

These pair ended up a bit longer than the first but fits just as well.

The two legs look like a continuation of the other which was a happy accident.

I made the waistband with the colorful panel piece with a wide elastic. I prefer the 3″ elastic for the waistband. I think it’s comfortable and it doesn’t try to twist around in the wash.

Full Shot
I figured this time around I would take photos in front of the treadmill. Seems like the appropriate place for activewear no? Of course this is prior to workout. You can tell because I’m still smiling!

Quick note:

I’m going to have to take a bit of time off from my blog. 😢 Hubby and I are picking and making a big move to Arizona. So all my time is going to be spent putting everything in boxes. I’m hoping to only be gone a few weeks but it depends on how long it takes to get settled in.


  1. These are great! I love the Mardi Gras comment. 🙂 Good luck on your move to AZ. I’m in Tucson and the summer has been pretty mild but it’s still hot! Stay cool. 🙂

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