Kitten Kube

After the last time I made my furry babies a kitten pyramid, that they never use, I swore I wouldn’t put time into making them anything. They are very unappreciative of all their mom’s hard work. Well never say never. The babes had a cube they were extremely fond of. It was made of almost paper-like fabric but it was their fav. My two little ones adored it the most. Unfortunately kitten claws did the poor thing in. I can’t have upset babes wandering my home. So I took the whole thing apart for the metal skeleton after deciding I can remake it.

Old Cube

Old Cube2

Here’s what it looks like after their destruction. It breaths fun and excitement right?


I gathered my tools. Old shower curtain that they loved to climb, so it has tons of snags and the four pieces of skeleton.

My original plan was super complicated. I would cut a whole bunch of squares, a few with big entry holes and then sew it all together. I had a better idea come to me while I was at work doing monotonous work-like activities. I would use the same construct of cutting a piece of paper to make a cube. Pretty much it looks like cross. This gives me fewer sides to sew! I’m a genius and lazy.

I cut out my pattern and added two holes. The original had more but yet again, lazy. I sewed the sides together. I even trimmed out the holes with leftover scraps. I inserted the skeleton pieces. I sewed near it and the seam to attach the two together.

Finished Cube

Finished Cube2

New and improved kitten kube.

Felix Cube

Look there’s even a babe inside. His name’s Felix by the way. Or Chubby Bubby if I’m rubbing his fat little belly. Not only is there a happy babe but a happy mom. Nothing more exciting than a finicky kitten actually loving something you made them. 😻



  1. This looks great! I probably would have just bought another 😛 Makes me wonder if there’s anything my cat would use if I made it…probably not!

    1. Unfortunately that was the second one! lol I was tired of buying them and I had kept the old shower curtain to make something for them. It was a win-win. They are quite finicky when you buy or make them anything! You just have to hope for the best and preferably not spend a lot of time on it. It’s easier to take the rejection if you didn’t invest a lot in it.

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