Jeans to Skirt

Typically I only sew for myself. I’m such a selfish sewer, not because I don’t like to sew for others. I’m always worried that what I make will fall apart within a few wears.

A girl at work offered to give me an old pair of jeans to pillage for fabric. Before she even gave them to me she mentioned they were her favorite pair of jeans. She wore a hole in the thigh like so many of us do to our beloved pair. After hearing her overwhelming love for the jeans I knew I couldn’t destroy them for my own needs. I decided I would make her a skirt.

I spent a few nights carefully picking out the old threads. I cut the legs off a bit below the knees. That left me enough fabric to fill in the open “V” shapes.


Front of the skirt with the new inset. Below the the inside of the front.

Front Inside

In one sitting, I sewed up the open spaces and hemmed the bottom. I used the special denim thread and needle to sew the fabric. I very carefully stitched two lines to replicate the original look of the jeans.


A look at the back of the skirt and below the inside.

Back Inside

What did I do about the thigh hole? I made sure to fold the back pieces in far enough so that the hole will end up in the trash pile.

The skirt turned out pretty awesome. I gave the “pants” back to their owner and received a crocheted cuff in return! Score! Maybe it does pay to make things for others…



  1. That came out so cute! I’m not usually one for jean skirts, but you did a great job on these- I would totally wear them.

    I just did an “art trade” with a coworker and am waiting for pics from her to post about it. I got a cool chicken gourd in exchange for a breezy linen outfit. It’s OK to make stuff for others, but it’s way better to get something they made in return. 😉

    1. Thank you! Jean skirts are so easy to make and if I’m feeling that it should be a no-pants day it’s easy to match for an outfit.
      I’m totally into this craft trade thing. A chicken gourd eh? That sounds quite interesting. I noticed on your blog you have chickens. Are you known as the crazy chicken lady? I’m the crazy gnome lady to everyone I know. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that…

  2. This looks really good! I like the unique look you gave it when adding in the fabric patch in the middle. What a nice way to save someone’s favorite clothes 🙂

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