Me-Made-May Recap

My thought on my first Me-Made-May…

I, Jamie of Mac’s Crafts, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavor to wear one Jamie-made garment each day for the duration of May 2015.

MMM Recap
MMM Recap
1) I wore something Jamie-Made every day so I did adhere to my pledge! Woo Hoo!!!
25 different pieces. Of course some were repeated to make all 31 days.
5 new items were made during the month.

2) I don’t have as many Jamie-Made clothes as I thought. Some skirts were winter wear items so they weren’t worn. It bummed me out towards the end of the month when I was scrounging.

3) I really need casual clothes. I think I keep making a million things for work which I do sometimes wear on off days, but more relaxed items need to on the docket.

4) Picking Jamie-Made clothes to wear everyday wasn’t too bad. I do miss some of my RTW clothes though.

5) I didn’t enjoy taking a picture of myself everyday. I made sure to do it first thing every morning so I wouldn’t forget. Instead of my morning cranky look, I had to look kind of chipper.

6) Lastly, next year my goal is no repeats. I think that sounds doable. I have a whole year to stock up!

I hope everyone that participated or enjoyed watching the participates, had a great Me-Made-May 2015.


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