Simone in Skulls

I saw the Simone pattern by Victory so many times and have been completely envious of its beauty. I’ve been hoarding it until I found the absolutely most perfect fabric. During my November trip to NYC, I picked up some skull fabric at one of the spandex shops. To accompany the skulls, I picked up black poly from the Redline fabrics at JoAnn’s.

Skull Fabric

Cutting out the fabric was a painstaking task. I was worried about putting holes in my small amount of skull fabric so I traced the pattern with chalk. I eagerly started sewing the shirt. I got stalled out for months. Trying to turn the small poly tab on the front of the shirt was infuriating. I put holes in the fabric, tore it to pieces and eventually gave up. My beautiful skull shirt was not meant to be.


The need for more clothing during Me-Made-May spurred me on to retry my shirt. I ended up putting interfacing on both sides of the tab instead of just one. It did the trick. With the tab issue fixed, I forged on.


Everything else breezed by. The shirt needed to be lined or I was going to have to wear a second shirt underneath or I could have an “everyone look at my bra” day. I used black lining and attached it by the collar and arm holes.

Full Shirt

I have such a habit of saying I love each Jamie-made item. But I really love this shirt. I think I could wear it everyday. Next time I make this I’ll do the dress and in cotton for something easier to work with.


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