Me-Made-May Week 5

Day 24:
Floral Skirt
Pink flower power skirt in rayon. This skirt is so light and flowy it was can only be worn on days with no wind. Or I clench a good chunk of it in my hand as I walk. I’m no Marilyn!

Day 25:
Spandex Pants
Workout capris in spandex. I had the day off and I wasn’t planning on going anywhere so I spent the day in spandex. It felt a little wrong but oh so right.

Day 26:
Skull Shirt
Simone in polyester. Love, love, love how this top came out. I picked up the skull fabric on the trip to NYC last year.

Day 27:
Got a two-fer. Butterfly shirt and denim skirt. Both of these guys are repeats from earlier in the month but first time paired together.

Day 28:
Cream Tank
Cream tank top in jersey. This one feels like a cheater. I feel that the me-made is kinda hid.

Day 29:
Lace sleeved t-shirt and purple Thurlows. Since I felt so bad about yesterday I made a new shirt that night to wear the next day. I wore my purple Thurlows again. (I think that makes third time this month) I paired it with a lace sleeved shirt. Want to make one yourself? It’s super easy so I’m not doing a whole post on it. Buy a t-shirt, cut off the sleeves, use said sleeve as a template to cut lace sleeves, sew lace sleeves back on shirt and you’re done. Boom.

Day 30:
Pink Plaid
Grey tank top in jersey. Another one that I’ve worn three times in one month. At least I styled it differently…

Day 31:
Grey Tank
Pink plaid in cotton. I feel like a farmer when I wear plaid. I really like the shirt but hate the Farmer Jane feel.

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