Me-Made-May Week 4

I was going great without repeats… until this week. The weather in Ohio seems to have gotten confused and the temperature has dropped. I was saving a few shorter skirts for the end of the month when it would be warmer.

Day 17:
BW Plaid
This again is Butterick 5526 made from cotton. My first time working with plaids. Unfortunately I didn’t know to match plaids. I’m still happy with the shirt.

Day 18:
Palazzo Pants
Palazzo pants made from rayon. I don’t wear these pants super often because I still don’t know what tops to wear with it.

Day 19:
Gray Tank
This is sick Jamie. I was at home and wanting comfort. Super soft jersey tank top to the rescue!

Day 20:
Purple Vest
My Doctor Who purple vest paired with my purple Thurlows that I wore earlier in the month. Kind of a repeat but not. Different style combination for me, I think I could handle more of this type of look.

Day 21:
Pink Maxi Skirt
This is a blatant repeat. Pink jersey maxi skirt also worn during week 1.

Day 22:
Tie-Dye Skirt
Tie-dye skirt made from t-shirts. I get tons of compliments on this skirt. The colors can make even a drab workday fun.

Day 23:
Geometric Denim Skirt
Denim skirt. This didn’t photograph well. I was in a bit of a hurry because I was having a garage sale and I needed to get outside to get things going. I’ll do a proper post on the skirt in a day or two.

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