Me Made May Week 3

Third week starts out quite grand!

Day 10:
Green Skirt
By grand, I mean derpy. Green skirt with purple stripes. I ended up cutting about 4″-5″ off the skirt before taking the pic. I’ve worn this skirt before and it used to be a maxi then something happened. Chop chop and its renewed.

Day 11:
Candy Stripe Skirt
Candy stripe knit circle skirt. Circle skirts are easy to make and they have the bonus of being super fun to twirl in.

Day 12:
Cream Tank
Cream tank top. This is the same pattern that I used last week on the grey tank top.

Day 13:
Floral Shirt
Black floral button-down shirt. You can’t really see the shirt fully under the cardigan but it’s there. The sweater was completely resized. It had those crazy wings when I lifted my arm and the sleeve length was awkward. I may not have made it but it has the Jamie touch to it.

Day 14:
Blue Shirt
Blue button-down shirt from my fav Butterick 5526 pattern. I have to say that it looks like I’m heading off to teach an elementary class.

Day 15:
Teal Skirt
Teal jersey maxi. This skirt is extremely comfy. It has a lot of fabric that makes it a little cumbersome, like when walking up stairs, but all that fabric gives it the great flowy look.

Day 16:
Scarf Skirt
Scarf skirt. I made this skirt out of two of my grandma’s scarves. The scarves are attached to a tube of jersey with a jersey waistband.

We’re halfway through Me-Made-May! So far everything is going swimmingly. I hope everyone else is enjoying their Me-Made month.


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