Baby Blanket Blues

My friends are having their third baby. Third… Baby… Eww. I am not a kid person. Never have been. Never will be. I have a niece whom I enjoy terrorizing. Well, she can be cool sometimes… just sometimes though.

I have crocheted a baby blanket for both their girls so now I’ve made a third one for their upcoming third child, a boy. I try to not do the typical style of baby blanket for them. The first was a hot pink, black and white bubble blanket. The second was a rainbow colored star shape blanket. Now for the third, I’m making a basket weave teal and grey blanket. I found the pattern Basket Weave Baby Blanket from Craft Passion.

I went back and forth on deciding the colors for this blanket. You’ve got the typical blue, yellow or green. Blah! I let Hubby decide when we got to the store since I couldn’t make up my mind. Who better to pick colors for a boy blanket than another guy? Right?

The pattern is simple. An always repeating pattern and I can watch tv while I work. It took me a few months to complete, mainly because I can’t stick to one project but bounce around to different ones.

I tend not to pay attention to details when I first start projects. If I had, I would have realized that this afghan pattern is flipping huge. How is this made for a baby!?! I decided the width of the blanket is now the length. I even returned a skein of yarn because I didn’t need to make it as big as instructed.

Without further ado… Baby blanket!

Back Trim
The grey is the trim and it’s the back side.

Front Trim
The front side of the trim. The weaving looks the same on both sides. The trim is the only piece that distinguishes front from back.

Full Blanket
Perfect little blanket for a little man!

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