Me-Made-May Week 2

Second week down! Let me tell you, taking a photo of yourself every morning right after getting ready is annoying. Not that it’s a hard task for recording what you wear every day but trying to look excited/pleasant and not “dear god it’s 6 something in the morning” makes it annoying.

Here’s the round-up for the week:

Day 3:
Butterfly Shirt
Butterfly shirt made from polyester fabric. One of my first shirts. I’m still really happy with it and it’s comfortable.

Day 4:
Floral Maxi
Another maxi. You’ll see this as a trend of mine. Floral maxi from chiffon.

Day 5:
Plaid Shirt
Plaid cotton shirt. This one I blogged about, it’s my favorite pattern. Check out the original post.

Day 6:
Geometric Skirt
Cotton geometric skirt. Love this skirt! I love the vibrant colors and I gave it an elastic waistband instead of adding a zip. 😉

Day 7:
Purple Pants
Purple pants from stretch suiting. My first real pants. Still can’t get over that and still haven’t made another pair. lol

Day 8:
Tank Top
Jersey tank top. This one has a story and it will get its own post in due time.

Day 9:
Floral secretary out of an unknown, possibly chiffon fabric. I had to work Graduation that day. Dark colors are a requirement but I still can be flowery cute right?

Nine days and no repeats yet. I get lazy and like to wear the same things over and over. Hopefully I can keep this up!

Me-Made-May Week 1


    1. Thank you! It’s been fun so far participating in Me-Made-May because I get asked daily by workers what I’ve made. It’s so awesome to point out what I made and what is really RTW.

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