Tie-Dye Skirt

Every year the college I work for has a tie-dye shirt day. Where you get to go make your own shirt and then sport it during a pre-selected date. The day is in line with our Spring celebration. I have made 4 shirts now. I’m a tie-dye pro! This year the only size shirts they had left, by the time I got there, were large. I knew I was never going to be able to wear it without sizing it down. Instead of doing that, I thought I would make a skirt. Simple enough. Elastic band on top and stitch down the sides. Done and easy peasy. Yup, not happy with that boring idea.


I decided I would cut up all my shirts in 9″ squares and stitch them together into a rainbow maxi skirt. The thought is kind of a quilted look but the tie-dye keeps it from feeling granny style.


I started by laying out a maxi skirt that I have that I like the fit of. I randomly started sewing the squares together. I would lay the sewn together squares on the maxi and figure out where I needed to add more.


I used the sleeves for the bottom of the skirt. It gave it a nice clean hem that I didn’t have to make! Bonus! The skirt has an enclosed elastic waist which helped to use more remnants of the shirts. There was hardly any waste at the end.

Full Skirt

I’m so happy with the way the skirt turned out. It’s bright, fun and funky. Plus, look how majestic I look in this picture, like a rainbow colored unicorn!



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