Pincushion Ring

Pincushion Ring

I’ve been thinking about this project for awhile now. I finally decided that I would take time out on my lunch and get it made.

I have a habit of moving my pin cushion here and there when I’m sewing or cutting fabric. I know there’s the wrist strap looking pincushion you can make. It really didn’t catch my eye like a pincushion ring.


I picked up a couple ring blanks from Hobby Lobby. The blank was 22cm in diameter. I wanted something bigger but I figured I could make do. I cut a circle of fabric by using a large mouthed cup and chalk.

Circle Button

After I cut the circle, I serged around it. This kept the edges from fraying and gave me a stitch to pull to start pulling the fabric into a dome. I added the button to the center before stuffing it to make it easier on myself.

Poof WO Ring

I pulled the fabric as tight as I could and stuffed it with fiberfill. I read that you can stuff a pincushion with saw dust, sand or steel wool. I guess it’s really up to you. I finished pulling the fabric closed and stitched until it was completely closed.

Preparing Ring

I added colored floss through the button and down the sides, knotting it on the bottom. This completes the little poof for the ring. I kept sitting the poof on the blank and it didn’t look like enough. I took some ribbon, folded it accordion style, and stitched the one end. Fanning it out made a little ruffle base for my poof. I stitched the ruffle to the poof so it was centered in the bottom.

Blue Ring

Creme Ring

Next was time for the hot glue. I glued the ruffle a bit more to the poof then glued the poof to the ring blank.

Two Ring Cuteness

That’s it! Done and adorable! Just a word of warning, let the ring cool before slipping it on your finger.


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