SMPTE Skirt Rehab

Ever since I started sewing my own clothing I rarely by RTW clothes. I did have one of those special coupons from JC Penney’s where you spend $10 you get $10 off. I felt extremely compelled to use it. I thought about a new pair of shoes or cardigan. Instead a multi-color skirt caught my eye. It cost me $10 in the end. And doesn’t it look like the multi-color screen you get when a channel would go out? Otherwise known as SMPTE. Honestly didn’t know that had to google it. 😄

Before Skirt

Before Side

Getting home I took a better look at my purchase. I held the skirt to my waist and realized that the skirt was ridiculously long. Maybe if I was 6 foot tall I could wear the skirt as purchased. For my 5’5″ frame, I would have to shuffle as I walked. That’s not cute!

Serger Line

Topstitch Line

I started by pulling out the stitches along the waist band. You can see from the pics above it’s a double top stitched line and then a serger line. Why cut from the top and not the bottom? The skirt has two layers and the bottom was created by sewing the two layers together then flipping it inside out. It created a single seam at the bottom that you don’t see. Taking from the top is a bit more time consuming but will keep it simple at the bottom.

After Stitches

I cut 4 1/2″-5″ off the top of the skirt. After the deconstruction, I used my serger to attach the loop of elastic to the newly trimmed top of the skirt. I stretched the elastic as I sewed to fit the width of the skirt.

I rolled the top down to completely encase the elastic. I got out my trusty double needle and stitched around. The one needle went through just the skirt and the other hit the bottom of the elastic. I stretched the skirt as I sewed. The worst thing I could do is try to slip the skirt up my butt and snap my thread because I didn’t have enough ease.

After Side

After Front

Here is the new length of the skirt. It makes for a lot easier walking conditions. The length is still long enough to keep it lady like. No street walkers here!

Finished Skirt

Removing the extra length really made this skirt look and feel better. I wanted it still to be a longer pencil skirt so the length hit me below the knees. RTW can be saved! Just a little bit of time and patience.


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